Avast SecureLine VPN Review 2020

    As we mentioned above, Avast Secureline offers built-in DNS leak protection, auto kill switch, and top-level protection, and impressive speeds despite the small number of servers available. It justifies that expense with unique features like double encryption servers and access to the Tor anonymization network via VPN. Speeds were a little slower on our test iPad, with drop-offs of 7. For most users, this won’t be a big con; but for the private users, this is probably unacceptable. In this part of the article, we’ll take a look at the various features that both VPN providers offer, and how well both of them perform in the category. 1 – The simplest way is to use a word or a word-combination to find the information relating to the problem.

    You can change the location with a single click and get an IP from a comprehensive list of servers. Still, I like my VPNs outside the dirty claws of the American and British intelligence agencies. That's a handy feature, but TunnelBear and PureVPN ($1. )

    • Yes, because it’s the only VPN that has a trial period of 60 days (on Windows only).
    • Bottom line, even though Avast collects a bit more data than we are comfortable with, it does not keep any activity logs, which is definitely good news.
    • That means there’s easily enough speed for HD video streaming, gaming and P2P applications.
    • Located in the Czech Republic, it’s been in the business since 1988.

    Apart from a couple of articles, an online forum, the only way to contact support is by filling in their online form. That's because a VPN can connect to servers located in places other than your actual, physical location. 5 stars in this Avast Secureline VPN review. Most countries only have one dedicated Avast server, but there are some countries with more than one, including Russia, Canada, and the United States, making it easy to connect from anywhere in the world. SecureLine's specs are relatively ordinary. Testimonials, there are a lot of misguided judgments and false data about VPN’s. That’s what a separate tab in Avast SecureLine VPN listing the servers on which P2P/torrenting is allowed looks like: It is available on Win, Mac, and mobile platforms (iOS and Android). It was then that I noticed that Avast offer four special servers that are optimized for streaming.

    SecureLine fared better in the upload test, where it reduced speeds by 3. 55 is a joke compared to some of the bigger brands that offer thousands (think ExpressVPN or PureVPN). They use artificial intelligence and human genius to provide malware detection and blocking, location technologies, and IoT security. You can get better reliability for less with Surfshark or PureVPN instead. Connections to Singapore and Australia were predictably slower, with speeds dropping by as much as 60 to 86%, but that’s not terrible by VPN standards. The price policy it offers is the most confusing one in the market. By continually adding servers and expanding existing server capacity, Avast is pushing the boundaries of VPN speeds, providing reliable, consistent connections across the world. You can check out the complete list of servers right on Avast’s site, and when you download your dedicated desktop app, you’ll see a list of servers and their current capacity.


    While that’s fairly typical, there are faster VPNs out there. Great speeds from a variety of fast servers across the globe. For the pricing, you do not get access to a ton of features, like you would with Surfshark, Ivacy, or ExpressVPN. We use the app from Speedtest. They use strong 256-bit AES encryption and you can choose from OpenVPN, IPSec & IKEv2 protocols.

    • The free trial of SecureLine VPN has all the same functions and features as the full version.
    • If you’re only looking to connect a mobile device to a VPN, paying just $1.
    • Too bad that Avast VPN doesn’t unblock VoDs, otherwise it would have been a no-brainer to go for this VPN, as your first choice for streaming.
    • If you are trying to avoid your American ISP – then you are simply replacing distrust of Comcast/Charter with the trust of your VPN, which, if it is Avast, still explicitly holding those investigative powers over you.
    • Even if you have a thousand supercomputers working simultaneously, they will not correctly decipher the data encrypted under this cipher for hundreds of years, probably even more.
    • So if you’re only looking for an initial test drive of the service, you might want to do it on your good old fashioned desktop instead of mobile.
    • Download speed decreased by 38.


    While most seem to be satisfied with the Android version, I saw many complaints of disconnections and server downtime’s. The macOS and iOS apps are built on Apple’s proprietary stacks for the ultimate performance and compatibility. Get the best vpn for torrenting and p2p filesharing today. try it for 7-days 100% risk-free. When it comes to your rights, you can access and rectify your information but also object to the processing of your data in certain cases. Compared to the leading VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, Avast lacks a strong server network and a stellar privacy policy; still, it can be a good pick for you. Some reviewers indicated that technical support could only be contacted by phone and that an additional fee was charged. I’ll explain why each feature is critical, tell you how well both providers perform in that category and declare a victor.

    What is VPN

    While I appreciate the variety of pricing options Avast allows, it can be a challenge to understand. Go beyond basic vpn protection, nor can you find a server that's nearby, which can also affect performance. The ratings in our listings are based on our research. The company policy states that the IP address used and time stamp will be recorded when the users connect and disconnect to the VPN. 20 pm Australia (Melbourne) 51. It is very easy to use and highly secure. However, if you are like most, you may not understand why having a VPN is one of the most important steps that you can take to protect your identity online.

    However, when we connected to the UK Streaming server, we failed to access Netflix UK. The point is the Avast company has subsections set in different countries. However, you can try out another promotion which comes to $59, a more reasonable price. Moreover, the app will also record the data uploaded and downloaded during a session.

    First, Avast masks your IP address, and actually allows others to identify your traffic as one shared VPN IP address. You will be protected against phishing sites that try to steal confidential information of users through fake websites. When choosing your server location via the Avast antivirus dashboard (if you have that installed on your computer), you also get to select locations that can allow you to access streaming media such as Amazon prime, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and many more. The no-log policy is good for privacy-conscious folks, and the fast speeds make up for a lot.


    According to our sources, the company is considering adding it in the nearest future. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Showtime and Hulu. So far, though, it is your best bet in protecting your traffic, so it’s definitely a plus. Avast’s speed is fine for general Internet browsing, but not good overall. Of course, that comes in handy if you want to remain as inconspicuous as possible by connecting to a non-local server, but that’s an option most VPNs provide. Other VPN solutions provide something called “split tunneling”, where you can decide what traffic goes through the VPN and what doesn’t. The program will notify you via pop-up notifications whenever there is a change in your VPN status, which some people may find annoying. Further, later in the post we will look into the few working Avast Secureline VPN license file cracks.


    They also offer a knowledge base full of help articles, tons of support pages, and a forum. However, if you’re a frequent traveler, a hacker, a journalist, or an activist, you may find Avast SecureLine to be poorly equipped with security features. We tested SecureLine VPN in the UK and it defaulted to a location in London. That’s due to the content contracts they sign with television and movie studios, limiting the availability of their content to certain areas of the world. OpenVPN (UDP), IPSec and IKEv2, depending on the operating system you’re using.

    Again, no surprises there. With its headquarters in Prague, Avast is subject to intrusive EU data laws and intelligence agreements with other countries such as the US. Buffered vpn review - 2020, second, the money-back guarantee is conditional on the subscriber not exceeding some usage thresholds. Avast is a company based in Czechoslovakia. Three alternatives to Avast VPN: 8 Mbps Visit Site ExpressVPN 106. It covers five devices regardless of their type. The company is big enough to afford high-powered lawyers, and so it is unlikely that they will easily give up customer information.

    I connected to an Israel server of Avast VPN and visited IPLeak website to check for any leaks.

    Frustrating Experience With No Live Chat

    99 per year than you would by doing it separately. The biggest downside – it is usually quite slow and won’t be a good fit for fans of streaming services and torrents. Their logging information will include personal things about you, such as the device name and your IP address. Part of the terms that you agree to when signing up for Avast SecureLine VPN include allowing third parties who provide services you request to be granted access to your private information. ExpressVPN offers government-level AES-256 encryption, making use of OpenVPN with TCP/UDP, PPTP, SSTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols. Some VPN providers offer only protection for PC or Mac, but Avast makes SecureLine VPN can work seamlessly across your devices.

    For a mobile device, Avast secures one Android, iPhone, or iPad device for $19.

    Avast VPN has special servers dedicated to this exact task. I don’t want to have to turn off my VPN and compromise my security every time I watch Netflix, but unfortunately that’s exactly what I’d have to do when using Avast SecureLine. We liked how clean and clear the whole process is. For example, while Avast VPN does not store connection logs, they do show when you connect and disconnect to the server. It’s also worth noting that most customers gave this VPN a score of 4 out of 5 or higher. Pro; certainly some of the servers that popped up seemed familiar. A user was complaining on Reddit that he uninstalled Avast app due to endless pop-ups with DLC missing.

    Performance: Good for browsing, video streaming

    When you fire up the app on Windows, Mac and mobile devices, you’re greeted by a minimalistic interface that anyone can use but which is unfortunately devoid of any advanced features. Onze ervaring is dat de software goed en gemakkelijk werkt. Proxpn reviews, please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this VPN provider. 82% of our original speed, respectively.

    For free users, it offers a quick, safe and easy way to begin streaming or downloading online and for a very minimal fee, you are able to upgrade the speeds and options of the VPN. Speed with a local server (Speedtest. )Besides having good security and terrible speed; balancing out the pros and cons, you can’t help but wonder if Avast SecureLine VPN is as compatible with the most famous platforms as it claims it is. Hieronder zie je hoe de standalone voor Windows en MacOS eruit ziet bij het gebruik.

    It’s not cheap but is one of the best VPNs available. Hide.me vpn review, you can also easily pull out the list of server locations to manually choose one yourself. Here are the test results when I checked for Avast Secureline VPN speed for US server: The VPN offers minimal privacy and security protection. The beneficial point is that the software has been designed to cipher all ports, extending beyond mere encryption of Internet browser ports. A speed test was ran on service between the United States and Netherlands to see how well the service works. The installation is quick and simple.

    Features and Interface

    Avast started out as an antivirus company just as computer viruses were being conceived, and has since established itself as a leading tech company. SecureLine provides access to servers in 55 cities across 34 countries, with 16 servers in the United States. The company maintains that the bandwidth and connection are logged to prevent misuse by users. All our checks gave the same results – the system is absolutely safe. 65 Mbps and upload speed of 14.

    Other than that, they collect personal information for the purpose of making their security product better. They are the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. Is the reason for it the support of political sanctions? First, running your traffic through your VPN’s server is slower than accessing the internet directly. Heading a little further afield showed one or two issues, with for example Poland returning anything from 12 to 31Mbps. If you travel frequently and don’t have time to mess around with settings, Avast SecureLine VPN can be an excellent option.

    It is viewed as one of the most user-friendly VPNs, which makes it perfect for beginners. Speed and security are two of the biggest concerns for VPN users, and the great news is that Avast is a leader in both speed and security. Reliability – Is Avast SecureLine Trustworthy? More than likely, this is going to be a server in the country you are connecting from.

    The service seems reasonably priced, then.

    Why to choose Avast SecureLine?

    Netflix blocks new IPs all the time and this can change at any moment, but right now, at least, Avast SecureLine makes it easy to stream content, wherever you are. Problem description, nVM flow filter now monitors the filtered traffic making it easier for the admins to work on the logs. So, make sure to visit the official website regularly to take advantage of the brand-new incentives. While there was little correlation between the overall scores across different publications, we found that the average review was 4. 3% (upload) on a transatlantic connection. Avast VPN unblocks banned websites and services for its consumers. Maar het feit dat het niet mogelijk is om handmatig voor een ander protocol te kiezen voor je VPN verbinding valt ons toch wat tegen.

    It’s a good bet that most of the folks reading this article own more than one internet-connected device.

    SecureLine offers a 7-day free trial version. In all honesty, the speed tests were extremely unsatisfactory, if you take a look and compare the speed tests done before connecting to the VPN and after connecting to it; especially the Australian server. That’s what makes a provider’s native app support so important. It is considered to be virtually impenetrable. Simply connect to any P2P servers and share torrent with thousands of users online.

    The other additional feature Avast SecureLine can boast is the aforementioned DNS leak protection. Een ander groot gemist op de software van Avast Secureline VPN is het gebrek aan een kill switch. That means there was almost 30 percent less latency with SecureLine than without, a feat I've yet to see duplicated. The VPN by Avast is frill-free software. It’s quite convenient that you can choose a tariff and pay for it directly from the app.

    Ease Of Use Is Superb – Both For Computers And Mobile Devices

    Here’s image quality on one of the US servers a year ago: Maar op het moment van schrijven valt het wat ons betreft wat tegen. Silicona de platino. Also included is the OpenSSL libraries which run the whole thing over UDP ports so that you’re able to enjoy the fastest speeds via the VPN connection. You have server locations in South Africa, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Venezuela… the list goes on. As we said earlier, Avast doesn’t get involved in the usual monthly charges and multi-year discounts. SecureLine collects information on those operating systems, which is then shared with Google Firebase Analytics (anonymized), Google Fabric Crashlytics (not personally identifiable), and AppsFlyer Analytics (for following marketing campaigns). Er zijn VPN providers die een veel betere VPN service bieden voor een aanzienlijk lagere prijs.

    Top FREE Training Tutorials

    Nowadays, offering live chat is like an industry-standard, but Avast seems to be living in the 1990s. 50 UL speed (mbps) 2. Stel dat je je op een netwerk bevindt waar OpenVPN actief geblokkeerd wordt kun je geen gebruik maken van Avast Secureline VPN. And adding encryption slows it down a little more. Just like many other VPNs, Avast SecureLine offers multiple browser extensions. In this section, I examine multiple features that both providers offer, taking a close look at each one. This does have more relevant topics, but there's little detail, and nothing that compares with specialist VPN providers such as ExpressVPN. Speedify review 2020, netflix does not allow you to stream movies while connected to Speedify. NordVPN has 5,550+ servers well spread out among 60 countries.

    Don’t change your habits with Avast SecureLine! Services include, but are not limited to: If you are the type of customer that needs phone support, then Avast gets a big win there. In fact, it even has the best servers for the job picked out and specified for you on the website. Read our in-depth Astrill VPN review for more. Raspberry pi vpn server: build your own virtual private network. 08 pm US (Atlanta) 16. These aren’t the cheapest plans you can find, and if saving money is really your objective, check out a free VPN like Panda VPN or Hotspot Shield. There’s just not enough control here.

    General features of Avast VPN

    If you want to test it out before you buy, there’s also a seven-day free trial available on all platforms. Well, that’s what we’re here to find out. You can also set it up to connect to an Optimal Location and allow the software to pick the best server for you. If you allow AvastVPN to connect to an optimal location automatically, it would connect you to the nearest server that won’t slow down your internet speed. Avast VPN does offer P2P servers for Torrenting.

    A DNS leak can cause your IP to be revealed without you knowing that it happened. When we contacted the company, the support staff was very professional and friendly and managed to answer all of our questions. But latency is not the only consideration – what about bandwidth (ie, the amount of information that can be sent each trip)? Last but not the least , we can say that Avast offers an easy-to-use service (with simple interface) which boasts solid performance, but it’s short on features and support can’t match the big VPN names out there.

    You can now see information such as your connection time, real IP address, your location and your IP address as it appears to others.

    Speed – How fast is Avast SecureLine VPN?

    The three device price is $69. Avast’s background is in security products, and its SecureLine VPN looks and feels more like an antivirus package than your average VPN. It also refers to not only to routers but also to different devices that have no opportunity to set up apps. 52 pm Australia (Melbourne) 62. The computer app stays minimized when not in use. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal or wire transfer.

    Governments and hackers can spy on your connections and log the data you’re transmitting and receiving. The fact is though that the Company has a 24/7 phone support service which will allow you to connect to a real live person and hopefully find a solution for a problem or issue you are having with SecureLine or any other product and service offered by Avast. The provider does not deign to share their actual server numbers. So, to us, it does not offer good value for money.

    Disclosure – I receive referral fees from companies mentioned on this website. The app is so light it took us just 4 seconds to download and 3 minutes to install. SecureLine also managed minimal impact on download speeds, slowing downloads by only 6. But what were the key factors? I then reveal how well each provider performs in a particular service category, declaring a winner in each one. If you can't find any immediate help online, you can try posting a question in the SecureLine section of the Avast support forum. It is also interesting to note that Avast has servers in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, and in the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Asia & Pacific

    Still, I like this quality-of-life idea very much. But we observe a different picture: Avast doesn’t offer Live Chat support and hasn’t provided an e-mail to use for tech support, which some people may find off-putting.

    Unfortunately, there is no option to increase the multi-device subscription to include more devices.

    In fact, you can easily install the SecureLine software even if you are completely new to security software thanks to the easy to understand and intuitive installation wizard and interface. Avast VPN doesn’t offer any apps for the router with DD-WRT support. Keep in mind that the connection speeds you’ll experience will almost assuredly differ from what we experienced. This feature allows you to drop all network connections in case the VPN fails unexpectedly. Both iOS and Android apps are great to work with. After that, the company provides its users with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is more than enough time to check if the software works for you. One of the best features of Avast is the various pricing options for your devices.

    There are a number of cheaper VPNs that offer improved customization, improved privacy, and better security and allow you to connect multiple devices to the VPN simultaneously, like NordVPN and Surfshark. Arguably this isn’t necessarily alarming if you’re using the VPN to watch Netflix or YouTube clips which are only intended for a US audience. In this article, we will review Avast SecureLine which has received high ratings from the online users. It doesn’t offer much in the way of flexibility and it certainly doesn’t offer a very sophisticated client. The company continually optimizes the server speeds so that the latest speeds may be higher than the above-mentioned speed. However, keep in mind that our baseline speeds were relatively fast. VPNs can also be used to circumvent internet restrictions, either imposed by oppressive governments or, say, the BBC making sure that only UK citizens can stream videos. SecureLine VPN’s servers are located in 58 cities/36 countries.

    How effective is Avast Secureline?

    Can SecureLine unblock geo-restricted content on Netflix?

    When we look at Avast’s privacy policy, they are very clear that if they are requested to hand over your private information, they’re going to do it. NordVPN allows a generous 6 connections at once, and that’s available to all subscribers. This is why virtual private networks are increasingly being used today as they give Internet users an assurance that their security and privacy online is protected.

    • So, Avast SecureLine VPN offers several different prices for the same thing.
    • Not the best VPN service for the price.
    • Netflix knows when you’re using an Avast connection, and won’t let you stream movies or shows.
    • I noticed that if I tried to buy a subscription through the SecureLine client after my trial period ended, the price was a specially discounted $39.

    IPCheck and DNSLeak

    The more server locations a VPN company provides, the more likely you are to find a faster, nearby server while traveling. With the help of our special tool to run a VPN speed test we got the following results: Australians who want to watch American Netflix will find that Avast SecureLine’s four servers which according to them are optimized for streaming works perfectly. So a major setback for us. Needless to say, this is quite a poor score and indicates that not many users are satisfied with the provider.

    99, respectively. It runs the same way on both, computers and devices. In case you can’t seem to resolve your particular problem, you can go ahead and contact the customer support of the Company directly via the web form available here.

    Keeps Connection Logs

    1 Ping (ms) 119 118 119 118 118 118. But before looking at security more, there are a couple other disadvantages to touch on. Hieronder zie je 3 screenshots van hoe Avast Secureline eruit ziet op een Android telefoon. Android package – This plan is ideal for Android holders, as it allows protecting your device for quite a moderate price. Initially, there is an automated message that directs to select a number so that Avast can direct your call to the right person.

    After the trial period, you will receive a discount for your subscription as well. Todos los modelos tienen sexo: Does it Work with Netflix & Other VoDs?

    Avast claims that they have one of the fastest VPN services on the market. You do not want your personal information to get out as this could lead to identity theft. It isn’t unusual for your internet speed to slow if you use a VPN server that’s located far from your actual location. It’s not a big program that takes up a lot of space to keep you protected. Avast is like a corporate giant which has been around for a while. Avast guarantees that you can work on your device and computer with no interference at all. On our website of CoolTechZone, you can find the other VPN services with a secure jurisdiction. The good thing is, it has different pricing for PC, Android, and iOS devices.

    Windscribe allows up to 10GB of free traffic per month and, again, is one of the best picks regarding privacy.

    Impressive Connection Speed And Stability

    It’s also worth mentioning that we had no problems getting US Netflix to stream over Boston or New York connections, and BBC iPlayer streamed happily while connected through a UK server. This leads one to ask, what happens to the information that they monitor? Preventing these leaks is good since it helps keep our identity anonymous online. The software also comes with a reliable killswitch feature that will end your Internet connection the moment your VPN gets interrupted or sabotaged. Best vpns for small business 2020, this is often the most complete review, covering several different platforms as well as the service's features and pricing in depth. AVAST VPN is not hard to use on devices.

    UK download speeds were consistently high at 50-60Mbps on our 75Mbps test line. The software is compatible with the TOR-browser, and experts do advise people to use these two instruments together to ensure even better security. 0 stars rating in our Avast SecureLine VPN review. 99 per year or $2.

    I probably believe that Avast’s wide experience in the Antivirus domain has allowed it to replicate the same on its VPN product.

    Do they respect the privacy of customers? Of course, this is not enough evidence to say that Avast SecureLine actually does share your data with the US and the UK, but it’s sure a reason for concern that they may be bed-buddies. The information is laid out in clear, easy to understand formats, allowing even beginners to successfully set up and use Avast’s VPN services. The actual internet connection speed may vary. …Yep, not much to do here. 99 per three years.

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