Avira Antivirus Review (2020)

    If you look at the top picks for Australian VPNs, you’ll see that the majority of high quality services have thousands of servers available. Please read my piece on How We Test VPNs for more of these details. This is an extension for Chrome that offers protection while practically copying search results from the leading search engine. We’ll be putting Avira VPN through a series of tests, one step at a time. It is better to use "freemium" VPN services that offer limited free tiers as a teaser for unlimited paid service. NordVPN looks excellent on all platforms and is built around an interactive map. When signing up for the free version, submitting an e-mail address is optional. We conducted a quick test with 3 random servers to find out if Avira is one of them.

    • As already mentioned at the beginning of this post, if the VPN provider isn’t making money from subscriptions, it might be making it by selling your data.
    • Cheap plans and great for families, but the free VPN is limited.
    • We weren’t too strict on this point.
    • But they do the basics well.
    • Lacking double-hop and responsive support team are what first caught our attention.
    • Some paid VPNs only allow three at a time.
    • One can also watch popular German and French channels which are geo-restricted and could not be viewed without VPN.

    The performance-based features that Avira offers are dedicated to making your computer as fast as possible. L2tp/ipsec manual setup instructions for vyprvpn on the iphone and ipod touch. Discover the best vpn for pc, 99 for 1 month. It is achieved by means of IP address masking. Come to think of it; If simply pronouncing their name will give a headache, then imagine what will happen when they come at one.

    We were off to a promising start. Cyberghost review 2020, that's useful for streaming from Netflix, or any activity that might block access via VPN. Monthly plan (Mobile): But in this case, we were able to stream pretty much whatever we wanted. So, when you’re ready, just click on any country and the VPN will automatically connect you.


    They emailed us back within about one day, which isn’t too bad on the surface. Additionally, the greater the diversity of location of the servers, the more likely users are to find a server that’s close to home, which should improve browsing speed. With it, you can stop third parties from collecting your personal data, erase any digital footprints, and get rid of confidential files for good. With its headquarters being in Germany, this concentration of European servers is not surprising. For the price of your subscription, you get access to Avira's 100 servers across 28 countries in 39 locations. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them. Are there any specific features that are especially practical for the industry you operate in?

    • This VPN Software by Avira Operations GmbH & Co.
    • But then again, there’s no way you can check if that’s true.
    • 100% slower means your lightening-fast connection will slow to barely a crawl.
    • What information does Avira track?
    • Avira worked out a VPN service known as Avira Phantom VPN.
    • It provides its users with anonymity and no IP leaking.

    Avira Phantom VPN: Plans and pricing

    By maintaining its own DNS service, Avira ensures that no one can monitor your DNS requests to send you to phishing sites or infer your web activity. How I Selected the 5 Best Antiviruses with a VPN: Using a VPN has several advantages for different use cases and empowers people like movie lovers, globetrotters, gamers and security-aware users. However, since they are offering two of the best in the business, this is unlikely to be a deterrent for many people. At the same time, it has a few drawbacks such as slow speeds and lack of proper customer support options. You will need to pay for the subscription initially, however you can use the VPN for up to 30 days and cancel for a full refund. Unlike many other VPNs, Avira comes with an easy-to-understand privacy policy, explaining what kinds of data is collected by this company.

    The phone number can be requested via the Support section of the Avira website. Be UNTRACEABLE (anonymous): I am going to tell you about the tests that I have done. Thus making Avira VPN one of the cheapest in the market. The service does a decent job of protecting your traffic with its protocol choices (OpenVPN and L2TP/ IPSec), although your inability to change or tweak these in any way (choose new ports, for instance) might be an issue for experts. In terms of performance; when too many users connect to one server to share its resources, speed is reduced.

    YouTube seems to make only the most basic of IP address checks on visitors, and Phantom VPN's US servers bypassed this without difficulty, allowing us to freely view US-only content.


    Oh, and you can only use the above if you’re a paying customer. I was really impressed by Avira’s antivirus software. This initial test was completed using one of Avira’s servers in the Netherlands. Hotspot shield vpn review – 2020, continue reading to get the answers to these and other related questions. Since a rough position on Earth can be divined from your IP address, this effectively hides your true location. One nice thing is that Avira Phantom VPN makes it possible to connect an unlimited number of devices. The system will automatically download the installer to your hard drive. Besides, Avira Phantom VPN provides you safe connections and gives you access to different websites.

    Users can use the apps on any platform without registration, but will be limited to 500MB of data per month. While monitoring this parameter is justified in the free version’s case, having such a monitor for the premium version is unnecessary and can feel somehow invasive. The paid version is called Phantom VPN Pro. This add-on checks for malicious sites, which most modern browsers already do, and offers tracker protection, ad blocking, and protection against potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) during downloads.

    You can easily change the server yourself via the Avira VPN interface. Popularity trend Loading. 5 best vpn routers 2020, so we were interested to see how often people use VPNs, and under what circumstances. When a VPN provider offers users only a few servers from which to choose, it means that the amount of traffic on each server is multiplied. 33 Mbps for uploads. However, aside from Avira’s VPN service, you’ll also get an application with a simple UI that acts as a gateway to their products. Data authentication: This may translate to a bad Netflix experience, as the video may stop and buffer multiple times while you’re watching it. Finally, if governments request data from their users, they cannot share what they do not know.

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    Botnet protection. You’ll also be free from any types of ads thanks to the built-in ad-blocker (the company’s own pop-ups will also go away). 1 Month 1 Year 2 Years Devices 5 5 5 Price per month:

    This is the type of privacy to look for with a VPN.

    We should mention, however, that a recent study (PDF) did give CyberGhost’s Android app a positive AV rank, meaning at least one antivirus program detected some malicious activity, but it did not meet the threshold for being considered truly malicious. It’s that simple” states Avira Phantom VPN about the user-friendliness of its client. We’re sure it’ll meet your expectations. During our speed tests, we have identified great differences in the software’s impact on speed across devices. Multi-hop (Double hop) routes your traffic through two to three countries before it reaches the destination server, just to increase the level of security. We were wrong.

    When we tested the EU Netherlands Server, download speeds slowed to about 7 Mbps and upload speeds reduced to roughly 9 Mbps. The problem with public networks is that they aren’t very secure. You can run the client as soon as it gets installed, and with a click, you will get connected to the nearest server. Avira states that they keep no logs, and do not track the following: You’ll see a list of all the networks your device has used. A few examples are multi-hop, Tor integration, or a stealth protocol. Allows P2P and BitTorrent. Paid subscribers get access to email support.

    To put the agreement terms briefly, you may not break any laws while using their service, and you understand that some data collection is necessary for their products to function well.

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    Simple as that. Having state-of-the-art technology is great. One can select the server from the list with the least ping or according to the requirement of content that one needs to access. The search bar is helpful, and it’s always nice to see server ping. It makes all your information almost 100% protected against hacking attacks and data leaks. Every one of these features can be customized using unique user profiles, so I can create specific protections depending on each child’s needs. We also were turned off by the fact that Avira Phantom VPN did not come with features such as router compatibility or torrenting capabilities, so if you’re looking for a VPN for torrenting you should look elsewhere.

    Unfortunately, some Avira VPN servers are affected, but not all. The number of servers is often a function of the number of subscribers a VPN service has, but more is usually better here, too. There’s much more you need to know about this VPN before the final verdict. There are a few things that make Hotspot Shield one of the best free VPN services for Android you can get. ProtonVPN, on the other hand, places no data restrictions on its free subscribers, making it the only true free VPN. Latest deals, they plan to keep on taking folks’ money upfront, with their incredible offer of VPN for the rest of the user’s life. Nonetheless, all three of these protocols are strong and capable – with OpenVPN being our first choice. CyberGhost is a privacy-focused VPN service with a free tier that promises all the functionality of a paid VPN service, but you’ll have to wait in line.


    Once installed, you could just turn Phantom on and off via a system tray icon. Just make sure you comply with their rules and regulations to make it easier for us. Download hotspot shield vpn - best software & apps, after connecting to a nearby US server, our download speed was 57 Mbps:. The total amount of data that you use. However, this also depends on the VPN servers the VPN tool connects with. They have an easy to use interface for all of their custom software with only small differences. For this reason Phantom VPN is closer to a smart DNS than being an actual VPN service.

    No IP, DNS & WebRTC Leaks Detected

    Please fill the form below and we’ll publish your review. Other than that, you get an A+ for Avira. A lot of antivirus companies only offer limited bandwidth with their included VPN. Yet not everything is for free. What encryption methods are applied? We strongly advise you to avoid this VPN. Depending on your experience running VPNs, this will be a cause of concern. As we wrap up this Avira Phantom VPN review, here’s a quick overview of the features that wowed us and the aspects of the service that could use some improvement.

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    Click the link instead itself, however, and it takes you to a list of possible locations under Settings > Select virtual location. This is a military-grade encryption, and it is virtually impenetrable. Here we’ll discuss the latter, but many of the details apply to Opera VPN as well. (24) over two years. Once you opt out, Avira says that it will take up to 180 days to delete your information completely from its database. 72 per month, is well below average, especially considering that all plans include 5 devices and a 30-day money back guarantee. Additionally, they log the data volume used (which they have to do to limit it for the Free version) and timestamps.

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    In addition to all of the features that you receive with Phantom VPN Free, you also receive a fail-safe guarantee and dedicated tech support. The service works well for streaming services like Netflix but doesn’t have the same effectiveness for BBC iPlayer. You know by now that Avira Phantom VPN comes in two flavors:

    Not-so-beautiful regional privacy jurisdiction, though. Best vpn for kodi (2020) | bypass geo-blocking & no buffering, follow this guide to install PIA on Firestick. Tap on the “Secure my connection” button to start the process. 95 per month, depending on the length of the subscription.

    We went ahead and asked a question in their Community Forum, but are still awaiting a response:
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