Best Free VPN Chrome Extentions in 2020 (+ Pros & Cons)

    The support team is extremely knowledgeable. These top-rated premium VPNs offer unlimited data and powerful features to help you stream, torrent, and protect your anonymity. Unblock the internet with the help of Zenmante VPN. It will not even log anything like traffic data, DNS queries, etc, that could be used in your identification. These protocols work, but I don't recommend using them unless you absolutely must. Note that you can't change the provider type (that is, the VPN protocol). Location spoofing Changes your geolocation in Chrome browser to that of the IP address of the VPN location that you choose to be connected to. You can also find that you’re barred from websites and content based on your location.

    There’s also NordVPN’s CyberSec feature, which can block malware and ads. Their free version has a limited amount of servers to choose from but you can upgrade to their paid version. VPN client apps are the ones offering full protection. A major selling point of Chromebooks is their security. VPN is better than Proxy. Good on privacy and they retain no internet browsing logs. VPN applications redirect online traffic through secure protocols, which is not the case with proxy services.

    In this article, we’ll explore the best free and paid VPN browser extensions for Chrome. Our lightweight browser extension securely hides your real IP address, as well as totally protects all of your sensitive data. Because of data protection and traffic encryption. Additionally, the SmartProxy list lets you define advanced rules. Browser extensions don’t protect against WebRTC leaks, unlike a full VPN. Having said all of that, the recommended free VPN Chrome providers mentioned below offer a solid if restricted service that is a positive way to go for those who are simply testing the water with VPN technology.

    You need a VPN because when it's active, anyone on the same network as you, anyone that can access that network's router, your ISP, and sneaky intelligence agents will all be kept in the dark. Opera’s VPN can also be used in a private browsing window. You need to download the standalone app for this. I don’t have time to waste! This protocol makes it easier for third parties to know your actual IP address, which is a significant blow to anyone’s online privacy. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers you protection against hackers by deploying a wide range of protocols that hide your details as they are transferred across the public internet. With the assistance of these Chrome VPN extensions, you can easily meet your requirements. Limited server access can keep you from unblocking the sites you want to browse.


    TunnelBear does not compromise the actual speeds either and it’d be super-useful for streaming. Instead, they are just encrypted proxies, usually SSL or HTTPS proxies. It comes with an ad blocker, cookie blocker, malware blocker, WebRTC blocker and tracker blocker. However, we’ll be focusing on how these apply to each VPNs browser extensions for Chrome, ignoring dedicated desktop applications as much as we can (though not entirely).

    • This vpn gives you 500MB daily data.
    • Suffice to say, the exceptions are rarer, so take the power of ANY browser-based VPNs with a pinch of salt.
    • These are the best free VPNs for chrome browser that actually works quickly and simple to set up, So choose the one that suits you.


    Compatible with: For those who do access free Wi-Fi when out and about something has to be done about safety and security. The free Chrome VPNs will unblock content and make you anonymous. A recent upgrade has seen several new features introduced. That’s not to say there’s no support team. Latest deals, if you’re looking for a distro that functions as a day-to-day desktop replacement but is also built with privacy and security in mind, we recommend Ubuntu Privacy Remix. CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield, NordVPN, Private Internet Access,TunnelBear and Windscribe.

    It worked well at streaming non-U. There are so many fakes and scams out there. Don’t forget to tell us which free VPN Chrome extension you picked. At the same time, using the free version, you can connect to just three locations. • Absolute Anonymity: Overall, NordVPN is a great VPN client, and if you’re looking for a VPN that is available on multiple platforms and it has both Firefox and Chrome extension, we suggest that you try out NordVPN. Developed by a German company, ZenMate is available for free download and offers unlimited traffic to all users.

    You can visit any website, even if it is blocked if you use this VPN extension on chrome.

    N/A | Maximum devices supported: NordVPN is a durable, lightweight virtual private network extension that grants unlimited freedom, privacy and protection without slowing down your device. 🚀 Crazy Speeds The proxy servers are kept optimized by industry professionals so you can enjoy insane speeds when surfing online. Explore our Windscribe review to see the full results of our research and testing. For that, you’ll need a VPN app as per the first option above. Through advertisements and sponsored posts, Betternet VPN makes sure that the service is free to use. Chrome extension is well designed and protects your browser’s traffic.

    All these features combine to provide a safer online ecosystem to the user.

    VPNs: Confusing on Chrome

    VPN kill switch Get disconnected immediately in case your VPN connection drops unexpectedly and put a stop to any dreaded IP leaks. You’ll also see options for a cookie blocker, malware blocker, RTC protection, and a tool called Sword that creates spoof traffic while you browse to confuse trackers trying to identify you. But what if you want to change servers, or want a choice in which servers you use? Additionally, don’t forget to make a Transylvanian baby-bat happy by subscribing to our newsletter. So, let’s go through some of them. You will not need to be tech-savvy to use this VPN extension, just install, sign up and connect. Click your user icon in the lower right corner, select the AnyConnect configuration, and enter your credentials in the windows that appear. Vpns for torrenting and p2p in 2020, since it doesn’t get any easier than the Opera VPN, this makes it an excellent choice for users with limited needs, or those who are just beginning to understand VPNs. You probably know already that the Internet is not a safe place.

    Our secure VPN connection uses military-grade 256bit encryption for your browser traffic to prevent third parties from stealing your data and following you online. The kill switch is a fail-safe to protect your true location from being exposed if you’re suddenly disconnected from the internet or the VPN fails. They include the US, several European countries, Brazil, Singapore, and more. WebRTC blocking "A potent combination of security, anonymity & performance on all major platforms. "

    By combining one of the best free VPN for Chrome services available with your browser is the first step to safe and secure online access. If you ever wanted to secure your connection with a VPN, but struggled to make it work on your Chromebook, you're not alone. OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. Your IP address stays hidden and you can unblock region-locked content. Be warned, doesn’t play that well with some other Chrome extensions — when we tested it, Ghostery and OneTab crashed. Vigilant mode "Owned by McAfee which can attest to its security standards, TunnelBear can keep you safe while spoofing your location. "

    Top Best Free VPNs Chrome Extensions 2020

    But, you will pay in other ways. They actually have over 94 geographic locations that you can connect up, which opens up plenty of geo-restricted content. A click on the icon in the extension bar will serve to learn more about the selected remote server and its location. There’s no free trial with ExpressVPN, but there is a 30-day “no-hassle” money-back guarantee. Windscribe has poor upload speeds and latency, and it doesn’t offer split tunneling if you want to connect through the VPN and your ISP simultaneously. 🎉 Unlimited Access You get to browse the web with complete freedom and without worrying about any bandwidth limit at all. 1 – AanonymoX: You won’t be able to watch your favorite Netflix shows or torrent your beloved movies, either — it’s not possible using this free service.

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    Once you take care of the factors mentioned above, you can look for additional features on the extension, such as if it has adblocking capabilities, malware protection, etc. DotVPN logs IP addresses of its users. Or you can open the Settings menu, navigate to the Network section, and click the caret next to the connection you want to configure. However, the best VPN providers with excellent customer reviews are available for premium service only although it’s just a small amount of money as compared to the trusted services you get. So, it addresses the common complaint by free VPN users that it slows down the entire system. There are a number of options for Google Chrome users to get a VPN: It is a powerful tool for one to hide their IP address and stay anonymous on the internet. As you can see, being at the top of Google search results does not mean the VPN is good or trustworthy.

    Features of Hotspot Shield Free VPN: You can click on it a second time to configure that specific connection. NordVPN makes apps for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. If you want more protection, the service also has a blocker add-on (blocks various tracking) for Chrome which works great with the VPN extension. Extensions work via encrypted HTTPS or SSL proxies, where traffic is sent through an intermediary server. ZenMate has a scattered network of highly secure proxy servers which give protection by encrypting your information.

    It free, unlimited and has versions available for Windows Phone, OS X, iOS, and Windows. A good vpn that will allow me to use snapchat ? We’ve introduced you to the 3 best VPNs for Snapchat, and they all offer great security, great privacy and great prices. 99 per month or $3. The extension does not function by itself, and requires you have ExpressVPN installed or configured first. That said, using Netflix with a VPN can be difficult, because the company works hard to block VPNs. These features are so cool and can help you navigate through the web. And as always, you’ll want strong encryption and protocol support for tight security. It also offers split-tunneling, which allows you to choose which apps and services are tunneled through the VPN.

    • Protect your Chrome browser activity with our strict zero-logs policy.
    • It will compromise the safety of your data as it doesn’t encrypt your traffic.
    • ” and exit the pop up window to save your settings.
    • It could violate your Terms of Service agreements with streaming services and get your accounts terminated.
    • We really loved the advanced features and customization options.

    About Beencrypted

    This is because it keeps some logs such as IP addresses, and the p2p nature of its infrastructure naturally gives way to security vulnerabilities. You don’t need to be signed in or have an account to use the Chrome extension. Why should you choose RusVPN? We are sure there is a perfect Chrome VPN here for everyone, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us below.

    Windscribe’s R. To achieve fasted unblocking it uses split-tunneling technology. You might be halfway through an amazing series and then lose access by traveling to another country. If you’d like to learn more, check out our description of encryption. If you require additional protection, there’s a double VPN feature available. You probably know by now that I (we) do not recommend free VPN or proxy services.

    It's about equivalent to manually setting up a VPN on Windows, if you've ever tried that. Browse anonymously and avoid being tracked. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain with our intuitive VPN Chrome extension. Let’s begin with the fact that ExpressVPN has a privacy policy that prevents logging of traffic data and online activity. Speeds on the extension are fair to middling, still, could be worse.

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    This VPN doesn’t offer an automatic kill switch, which could leave small amounts of data exposed if your VPN connection suddenly drops. T system blocks ads and removes any trackers, cookies, notifications, social media widgets, gambling, porn, fake news, cryptominers, clickbait and other VPNs. The extension offers you seamless access to 25+ different locations, which means hundreds of IPs from those regions. Explore our Hotspot Shield review to see the full results of our research and testing. Download your keys and configs, openVPN GUI icon will be appeared on the task-tray of Windows at the bottom-right of the screen. As mentioned, it is possible to get a proxy extension for Chrome.

    The connection can be simulated by several European countries including Italy, from Spain, USA, England, France, Germany, and others. It offers full browsing anonymity. 💾 Do these free VPN providers keep log files? If you’re traveling to China and use Gmail, it’s nearly impossible to do your job while traveling.

    However, its ability to unblock streaming apps like Netflix isn’t that strong, though the provider used to be quite effective in this regard. It offers equal web access to everyone. For support, Hotspot Shield does have live chat, but you have to log in with your account info to use it. It does not encrypt other traffic on your machine. Choose your server location by clicking on the one that’s currently active. Never save your log files and no need for registration and no need to fill up credit card details. What if the website you want to view is still blocked? After making the shortlist, we also tried out the different extensions ourselves, to make sure they still work as expected.

    It should also be noted that VeePN doesn’t offer any kind of crazy speeds.

    Access to VPN Streaming Servers

    That includes Gmail. All things aside, Google Chrome has long smashed through Microsoft’s IE (or Edge, nowadays) monopoly and whisked past Firefox to lead as the most popular Internet Browser today. The best part about this VPN extension is that it’s super easy to use.

    256-bit AES Privacy: Link shortener helps you to create shortener link and you can earn money from those links like adf. You will not need to worry about hackers when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi Hotspot, your name, passwords, and personal information everything will be encrypted by Touch VPN, to provide you with banking-level security for the best protection.

    What’s the best VPN for Chromebooks?

    Others, like the UK, blackout content to protect copyright holders. You can either select L2TP/IPSec + pre-shared key, L2TP/IPSec+user certificate, or OpenVPN. If yours is on the list, you'll need to be running the latest version of Chrome OS and activate the Google Play store from the Chrome OS settings menu.

    Gets a lot of bad press by so-called tech experts. Desktop VPNs are typically paid, but there are also free solutions (check out our list of the best free desktop VPNs). T, a fully customizable domain and IP blocking tool. They have a strict no-logs policy, which is always something that we look for in a VPN. ZenMate also has full-featured apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The developers of this extension claim that this extension for chrome is better than most if the extensions available.

    You will find that a lot of them will claim of providing data encryption through the extension. In fact, they have been found guilty of leveraging the large amount of data they collect from their users across the globe. You can also do that from the extensions menu, which you can access by clicking on the three dots at the top right and then selecting More Tool > Extensions. For a step-by-step guide to the procedure, see the "Manually Configuring Your Chromebook's VPN" section below. 256 bit AES encryption Privacy: They not only encrypt the traffic, but they redirect it through secure protocols to ensure that no one is able to get their hands even on the encrypted traffic.

    • You can start with the description page of the browser extension.
    • That means your data will be private no matter which Chrome VPN from this article you decide on.
    • So, these are the best free Chrome VPN extensions you should use today.
    • Today, the situation is not a great deal better.

    How to choose the best Chrome VPN

    There are no settings and nothing to play with, other than an on/off switch and a selection of four server locations: Do note that with the free version, your R. And, that is exactly where Google Chrome VPN extensions come into play. ExpressVPN is my top selection for Chrome thanks to its fast and secure connections, great content-unblocking ability and excellent Chrome browser extension. Extensions typically only work with the desktop version of Chrome and not with Android.

    Keep in mind, however, that TunnelBear’s free VPN for Chrome will only encrypt your browsing traffic. Once the VPN has connected, open Chrome to browse safely and anonymously. VeePN is another free and unlimited VPN service on the list.


    What a VPN does is, it provides a foreign IP address and hides the original IP of the device you are using. Moreover, Hotspot Shield is completely free to download for PC or browsers to keep your information private, avoid censorship, gain high-level security and get access to your favourite content on the web. The level of performance chrome is maintaining amongst the others is exceptional. There is an option to configure your Windows app in the extension but clicking on that launches the Windows app and you do the configuration changes there – not very impressive. I feel that they add bulk to what is already a memory hog, but the Surfshark Chrome extension just feels right. So you can enjoy ad-free surfing, even with their free version. Bypassing streaming channels, forums, or social media sites. Opera vpn discontinued, here are the best opera vpn alternatives (free & paid). The free version of hide.

    Surprisingly they have just 852,898 chrome subscribers, however, they have a decent -32,728 – 5 star (well almost) reviews. Encrypt your connection & unblock websites easily. You should never use them for browsing sensitive content. Whether they’re geo-restrictions, political censorships, school or workplace website bans, the result is always the same. Which is better proxy or VPN? Check out my list below to find a free VPN that works with Google Chrome.

    This protocol compresses your data and reduces your VPN’s latency, making your connection faster without compromising security. A VPN is also useful when used with other Google products and services. Of course, they assure you unlimited service, and that’s something. Google hasn’t had an excellent reputation whenever there is the talk of responsible use of data collected from users. We would be recommending Betternet VPN if you want something simple and unrestricted.

    How to set up Fastest VPN Chrome Extension

    Apparently, reinstalling the extension fixes this, but we didn't experience the problem first hand. If you want more locations, you have to go for the premium version of Betternet VPN. The trick is that the OpenVPN instructions involve delving into the Linux guts of your Chrome OS machine, which may be beyond you, and was certainly beyond me. The VPNs are used as a security tool by the web surfers to protect themselves from surveillance, etc. Sometimes, that's a good thing. If you don't want to put any money up front for a virtual private network, we totally understand, especially if you only plan on using a virtual private network once in awhile. Some of them allow you to use their services only for a fixed duration, and then there are some which have a limit on the amount of data you can consume. This lets them overcome local government-imposed censorship.

    Many VPN services offer easy-to-use Chrome browser extensions, which are often the only way to use a VPN service on a Chromebook. Remember, all the free VPNs for Chrome can double as a free VPNs for Chromebooks! Tunnelbear VPN will actually give anyone who makes a free account 500MB of free VPN data per month. Your IP address remains open and available as well, which means any tracing can go directly back to you.

    If a VPN is too slow or limits your connection too heavily, it quickly becomes frustrating to use. We'll show you the best free VPNs out there for Chromebooks! But you can safely use a Chrome VPN extension for recreational or educational purposes, such as if you want to see what Netflix streams overseas, or how your website looks when viewed from other countries.

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    ZenMate has over 45 million users and offers over 30 server locations to choose from. But a downside report by many users is that due to extreme speed issues they have to switch to their premium service. This VPN helps you to hide your IP from hackers and trackers cannot track you anymore. When manually configuring an OpenVPN connection, I found that my connection would time out, or that Chrome OS would simply not accept my credentials.

    Access websites blocked or censored in your country, company or school and stream media with the free Hola Unblocker VPN proxy service.

    The vast majority of VPNs are slow, cumbersome, and frustrating - so please be careful when choosing a VPN for Chrome and stick to one of our world-class recommendations. One alternative is to use an in-browser VPN; this means that apps like email clients can still connect directly to the Internet, but your regular browsing gets an extra layer of protection/ convenience. That said, Turbo VPN won't cost you a dime. That plan is supported by advertisements, but Hotspot Shield has a strict no-log policy, so they won't be selling your data. CleanWeb is built into the VPN client and can be turned on in both the app and Chrome browser extension to block ads and trackers, as well as prevent malware infections. • VPN for iOS mobile devices like tablets and iPhone. The 24/7 live chat support feature is extremely helpful, and you can find detailed setup guides for most compatible devices on the site. This is the vendor’s version of a kill switch, which blocks all unsecured traffic if the VPN fails.

    Providers are not charities. However, I was able to access HBO GO, YouTube, and a few other services. They are a few browser extensions which are available for free. Hope it helps.

    All of its servers operate solely on RAM, which means your data is never stored to a hard drive for any reason.

    Free VPN as Compared to a Premium One

    In addition to its Android app, PureVPN also includes instructions on how to get your Chromebook online using L2TP. In the VPN setup page, I entered all the above information, and then selected the certificate from the Server CA pulldown menu. Protonvpn, puppy eyes Tim. It succeeded only twice in nine tries among several different countries. We provide high speed of connection, complete confidentiality of your data and round-the-clock support for all our users. Free VPN extension users mostly must make do with a FAQ, community-based support or email support (if you’re lucky).

    Free VPNs Chrome Extensions: Conclusion

    It offers automatic kill switch, DNS, and IP leak protection. Here are the top choices, along with their hidden costs. Most browser extensions use WebRTC protocol by default. There are, however, ways to increase monthly quota by referring TunnelBear to others. As we said, uVPN does not have any advanced features per se. A NordVPN subscription allows for 6 simultaneous device connections. BEST BUDGET VPN:

    ★ Browse adult content Get full anonymity and security while using sites for adults.

    That's likely because, as I found out when I asked what protocols the company supported, my contacts told me it only supports OpenVPN and IKEv2. For the most part, our criteria for judging VPNs for Chrome are the same as those we use in all of our VPN reviews. This VPN provides secure encryption and fantastic speeds for streaming in HD. A full VPN will encrypt the traffic in your browser and all traffic to and from your computer, phone or tablet, making it much more secure than an extension. But, most of them offer a free trial before the purchase for their user’s satisfaction. StrongVPN Simple chrome extension lets you change your IP address.

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