Hotspot Shield VPN VPN Review & Test 2020

    Other than Netflix, it will allow you to access other streaming platforms, as well. Given this odd combination I tried running some ping and traceroute tests, but most of them timed out. IDG HotSpot Shield in action. And your privacy is safe. Hotspot shield elite full version lifetime activated, we had no success with BBC iPlayer, unfortunately, which displayed its 'not available in your location' warning and refused to stream content. There are some 500 million individuals around the world who use Hotspot Shield for Internet privacy.

    • The ultimate goal is to encrypt the client’s traffic and messages, and protect all sensitive and private data.
    • You may be able to bypass the geo-restrictions, but a payment wall will stop you along the way.
    • 1 month, 6 months, 1 year or 3 years.

    You can get in touch with customer support by opening a support ticket to receive helpful, timely responses to your questions. If you use the Firefox plug-in, there's no limit on your data and you can use any server you wish, as often as you like. That said, the free version is supported by ads, which might beg the question of how anonymous the service is, but an official privacy statement from Hotspot Shield quickly resolves any doubt about users’ data privacy: I’ve already mentioned the risks of free WiFi, many times. So, there can be some error codes you face while running the service. It has definitely improved its unblocking abilities since I last tested the service. I used a 60 Mbps connection in North America to measure the download speeds of various servers. One of its benefits is that it’s open source so it can be reviewed by security experts.

    What is Hotspot Shield’s support service like?

    Consider our subject, Hotspot Shield for instance, which is located in the United States. One hit on a hot spot and your shield could be shattered. Online security starts with a click, your data is encrypted each time it passes through a different node. You’ll find that the software does a commendable job by preventing DNS leaks. It still covers the bare essentials, though, with switches to run the client when Windows starts, prevent IP leaks and enable a kill switch to block internet access if the VPN drops. The interface is beautifully designed; and very user-friendly. This is how Hotspot shield describes that encryption:

    Furthermore, Hotspot-Shield offers native apps for most platforms. This level of security seems Okay and would usually be considered secure. The 20 best vpn apps for android to protect your privacy in 2020. Windows users will find DNS leak protection enabled by default. But this isn’t the end of it.

    99 is over $18. FREE combined with great is not often heard, HotSpot Shield is no exception. I also like that Hotspot Shield offer a middle-term deal between the one month deal and the one year deal; this will serve the needs of users who need a VPN service for more than a month but do not want the commitment of a whole year. Another good thing with Hotspot Shield is its speed. (49 Per Month at NordVPN) , which costs $11. It’s blazing fast, with a sleek and simple to use interface on both mobile and desktop devices. Better yet, use both Hotspot Shield's free offering and Windscribe's similarly generous counterpart, and you'll have 25GB per month of free VPN data to play with. I tested its Android app link available on Google Play Store through VirusTotal and received no malware at all.

    Do We Recommend Hotspot Shield?

    So you can connect to download torrents anonymously. These tests are basic security tests and not much more. In fact, at $5. There’s are two other issues to be aware of concerning Hotspot Shield’s safety:

    The lag limitations here are due to actual physics. When the bandwidth limit is reached, Free users are prompted to pay or wait for a specified amount of hours until the cap is reset. All of Hotspot Shield platforms (iOS, Android, PC and Mac) include protection from malware, phishing, and spam for premium users and malware protection for free users. This is a refreshing shift from most services that make their auto-renewal policy almost invisible; only to trap unsuspecting individuals into a new subscription. If you are having an issue, the only way to get in contact with their support team is through the dreaded support ticket.

    You can forget about that for sure unless you are fine with downloading only one episode of your favorite TV show every day and maybe checking out some geo-blocked websites. If you're sending a packet across the planet, it will take longer to hear back than if you're sending a packet across town. We were impressed with the results of our speed test with Hotspot Shield Free: For the free VPN services, it allows only one connection at a time. Don't be fooled by the drop-down menu of countries to connect to; you'll have to pay to use any but the United States, and you're automatically assigned a server. Most VPNs take at least 5 seconds to make a local connection, some require 10-15. And, finally, you don’t have the 24/7 live chat support.

    We delete it after disconnecting from the VPN.

    Privacy Policy

    Therefore, we need not fear for password stealing and other such threats. Most companies lease their servers so it’s not a big deal, but owning them is better for both privacy and performance. : 5 paid & 3 free, however, buying the first one that Google throws in your direction may result in disappointment. There's also a problem that you only get access to a relatively few servers - Canada, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, Russia and Singapore. Connection speeds were checked without the VPN connected first, to get base level results (for the UK and US). Best of all, these can be enjoyed without the need to shell out money, so there’s really no reason for you not to use a VPN. Best china vpn – how to break through the china firewall. This allowed hackers to see users’ true location via their WiFi network name, but was later addressed and fixed. For this, you have to sign up for a 7 days trial after launching the app. In spite of these claims, it appears that the company does log real user IP addresses, albeit temporarily.

    And if that’s not enough for you, you can keep using it risk-free for 45 days with their money-back guarantee. During testing I was able to unblock popular streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video globally. However, there are quite a number of individuals who do. However, some users had issues with downloading a free version of the app. ”Of course, Hotspot Shield’s Elite plan is your best bet. Vpn connection fails due to badly configured network adapter. This can be somewhat confusing.

    What is Hotspot Shield’s support service like? All that is required is entering the credentials provided by the company into the VPN client that is found on all modern computing devices. Its price for the one-year month is almost barely differed from ExpressVPN, which is considered one of the most expensive providers on the market. While very few VPNs offer a Linux app, most provide tutorials for getting set up with Linux. Since it may not be that obvious for beginner VPN users how to use this app for free, we thought it’d be a good idea to dedicate a separate section to it in our Hotspot Shield review. Cookies are helpful in keeping track of your online activities, but it can also be used for surveillance. This is a very important feature with regard to your online privacy.

    AnchorFree Hotspot Shield for Mac

    When you start the app, it automatically connects to the last server you connected to or to the the best server depending on your location as determined by the system. AnchorFree is the company behind Hotspot Shield. You have to install the VPN separately on each of your devices since it is not possible to install the app on a router to secure the entire home network. Perhaps we were unusually lucky, but while connected through a UK-based server we enjoyed an amazing 98% of our regular downstream bandwidth - and when we switched to the Netherlands that still held up to 97%. Both versions feature 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption via, its own proprietary data compressions, which significantly reduces the size of your data files, allowing them to be transmitted quickly.

    The first screen you'll see tempts you to start a free trial of the paid plan by clicking a big, bright-blue button, and there won't seem to be any other option.

    Jurisdiction – Belong to Five Eye Country

    Before people got serious about VPN encryption post-Snowden, a top choice for encrypting your Wi-Fi connection was AnchorFree’s HotSpot Shield. Happily, it’s as easy to use as ever: We show this result only to give you a rough idea about how fast our current ISP is: If there are some difficulties with the app settings, you can follow some guides designed by the company and posted on the official website.

    You’ll get the best value for money with a longer subscription plan. But we need to pay more for that personalized plans. This is an innovative feature indeed that will leave you surprised with its utilities! What is the Hotspot Shield Pricing? We accept individual reviews that are informative and non promotional. The tool also found 13 permissions, which grant the app access to view network and WiFi connections, retrieve running apps, and prevent the phone from sleeping, amongst others.

    Comparison between PureVPN &  Hotspot Shield

    Access to region-locked content, network bypass for unblocking websites, and secure browsing are some of the benefits that make a VPN a great tool for personal use, and all these are possible because of a feature that hides a user’s actual IP address via its foreign VPN servers and temporarily replaces it with one from a different virtual location. The free version will be treated later; it is enough to say here that like every free VPN service it is very limited. The personal information you choose to give them by creating an account, contacting customer support and making the payment through credit card or Paypal: But, like I said, the product surprised me. Vpn proxy master, this file is for Android and won't work on your PC. Does a vpn hide torrenting from isps?, you may also send an email to them from their contact page. They vary according to your location.

    I connected to the UK server, and I was able to unblock BBC iPlayer without any issues. Unfortunately, none of the free tiers is fast enough or generous enough to serve as a 24/7 home VPN connection. For a given location, you should be automatically connected to the fastest server.

    Does Hotspot Shield Work in China?

    In terms of servers network premium version of Hotspot Shield provides over various servers including both physical and virtual from 70+ countries. Most users report that they do not see a significant reduction in connection speed when using Hotspot Shield. The VPN doesn’t store or log IP address beyond the duration of a VPN session. If we forced these to close, we wondered, would that break the client? Click the “Install” button to initiate installation.

    Clicking the current location displays a list of other countries you can choose from. These are excellent connection speeds across the board. And not some catapult to throw away Hydra criminals… They’ve filed over 30 patents for this protocol. Their ticketing system is thorough, yet slow at times. Note that while VPN browser plug-ins are convenient, and in this case free, they don't offer as much protection as manually configuring your computer or using the company's desktop.

    Attention: You need to "Allow Scripts Globally" in your browser to purchase any VPN.

    The seven-day trial means that you can try the service for free and cancel it if you don’t like it. I was expecting to see some other protocols like OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec and others in its armory. While the Windows client always reconnects initially to whatever server you were using last, the Android app can be set up to connect to the fastest server for your current location. • 300,000 IP Addresses• Over 2,500 Global Server Locations• Malware And Ad Blocking• Advanced Leak Protection• Five Concurrent Connections (In Elite Plan)• Generous 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee• Unblocks Geo-Restricted Content• Good Value On The Biennial Plan• Super-Fast Streaming And Downloading• Military-Grade Security And Encryption• Super-Fast Connection Times• Ease Of Use (Ideal For VPN Newbies)• Free Browser Plug-Ins• Automatic Public WiFi Protection• P2P Allowed (In Elite Plan)• BitTorrent Allowed• Plays Nice With Netflix• Sleek, User-Friendly Apps For Popular Platforms• Chrome And Firefox Extensions• Cloud Technology-Based Deployment• Free Plan Available For Unlimited Time• Multiple Payment Methods• They Have Their Own Servers, Without Third Parties• Battle-Tested: Unfortunately, at this time, they do not offer static IP's. While L2TP uses an advanced encryption which makes it comparatively slow. Note that Netflix is fighting back against this kind of cheating, as are other services. Additionally, all of the VPN servers are physically located exactly where they appear to be.

    You can also make a free Hotspot Shield account to test out the paid service of this VPN.

    Unlimited Privacy & Security

    We were able to communicate with them, ask a number of questions, and get rapid responses to our questions. Sure enough we will not enumerate all the points of the section as it’s your direct responsibility as a potential client to read all the terms closely, but we are to highlight the defining moments of the conditions. It's also worth noting that AnchorFree's 1GB per day limit is the most generous free VPN services available I have yet reviewed. Malware detection.

    First, you will have to select a proper inquiry type (How-to Question, Technical Issue, Purchasing Inquiry, Feedback) and a topic. When you connect with a VPN, it encrypts all internet activity from your PC and routes the packets through AnchorFree's servers. This is a good option for anybody looking for a streaming VPN. If you are looking for a good streaming VPN and you aren't that bothered about it having unverified encryption: I'm not a legal expert, but what I've read indicates that the US and Switzerland do not have data retention laws that apply to VPNs. The 3-year subscription is very affordable, while a month-to-month subscription will cost you more. Website blocked in China (service not blocked).

    If you are buying through Europe IP. While most VPN providers are trying hard to keep the “one step ahead” advantage, many fail in this race for tricking Netflix and get blacklisted for good. On support front, the service offers following options:

    Hotspot Shield Specs

    We continue to recommend our Editors' Choice winners NordVPN, Private Internet Access, and TunnelBear. I appreciate that AnchorFree's privacy policy spells out the limits of what any VPN can provide. The service is known to be easy to use and available on multiple platforms. However, you will find that you cannot select servers down to the level of the city of your choice as is possible with some other VPNs. Make sure you’ve read the terms and conditions before you proceed further. One of the best traits according to them is the simplicity of use and high speed. We tested the free version for this Hotspot Shield review and connected to the servers of Germany and Kuwait. It also charges significantly more than most of the competition, which makes it hard to argue as a good value.

    Also, the company offers a zero log policy: Some people might tell you that VPN’s aren’t needed and are overkill. You can choose from four plans: Also, from time-to-time the app crashes, and fixing the issue is pretty much time-consuming. The availability of Virtual Locations may vary depending on the device (platform).

    Delete This

    We noticed that this is only a selection of various servers, and not all of them are available for Hotspot VPN Chrome. As a result, the VPN servers were manually chosen to be the same for all of the servers. Their benefits are endless. The protocol is similar to OpenSSL, but is optimized to get the fastest connection speeds, especially over long distances. More than 100 Employees Industry: However, it is important to know that just like the Windows’s client, you do get ads with the free version of Hotspot Shield for Android. AnchorFree is based in California and hence subject to search warrants and other forms of investigation by U. Vpn reviews, a handy pop-up will remind you of your remaining runtime every time you use the VPN service. The settings of VPN HotSpot are really limited – you can’t change the protocol.

    A three-line menu button at the top right of the interface allows you to access ‘Account’ and ‘Settings’. However, this doesn’t work with Hotspot Shield’s proprietary protocol, so I had to settle for using an online speed tester. Release date, 78 GB per month. Let's make sure that stands out.

    That being said, we have our doubts about the company behind Hotspot Shield. Over 600 million people entrust Hotspot Shield with their online privacy. It will also give you a 7-day free trial period if you haven’t signed up already.

    Features of Hotspot Shield VPN

    They were honest and to the point. That said, you can test the service out without being charged for it during the first seven days after you’ve signed up for a subscription plan. This means that no matter how long you subscribe to the Hotspot Shield VPN service, you are guaranteed to get access to all features offered by the Hotspot shield VPN service.

    While there are definite benefits to screening files and websites at the network level, VPN services are likely focused on making good VPN products and less so on advanced malware detection. Once you test it, you can always switch to Hotspot Shield Elite and unlock all the additional features. Best vpn firefox extension – private browsing, made simple, best VPN Extensions for Firefox:. It won’t choose a server for you - you have to decide for yourself which location will fit your needs - but that’s not a huge problem, especially if you’re just looking for some extra security and privacy while connecting to public Wi-Fi. The interface then changes to a timer at the top to show you how long you’ve been connected. Much to my chagrin… I still haven’t received a reply!

    Bear in mind that if you don't cancel the trial, Hotspot Shield will put you on the monthly tariff when it transfers you to the paid service. This information can’t be linked to you specifically, but it may give you cause for concern. This looks and works in almost exactly the same way as the Chrome extension. The main reason for such an issue despite having its security measures is that the actual threat arises in the communication channel. Its opening two points are continued throughout the document, and are good touchstones of any VPN service: Also keep in mind that because Hotspot Shield is a US-based company, it’s subject to the privacy laws of the United States. It can however at least give you a good idea of the UI and overall performance.

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