SurfEasy VPN Review

    Alongside the mandatory VPN-specific capabilities, this amazingly intuitive product accommodates automatic Wi-Fi security, data encryption, Internet tracking prevention, and options to unblock restricted online content. We have test several IPs offered by Surfeasy to make sure that the speed works fine on all of them and surprisingly its works. The home screen simplifies with the location you choose, the new IP address, and whether to enable ad tracker blocking. There’s no start-up or auto-connect settings available. The upload speed - meh. Aside from that, we find it a fantastic option for most users chasing down a quality VPN. Your personal information including phone number and photos can be easily track with your browsing record including credit card information you had submit while purchasing something online. The total discount for the Ultra plan works out to 46% off.

    My average internet download speed without a VPN is somewhere around the 70 Mbps mark. Americans get all the good stuff while people from other countries get low-quality content. 99 per month and includes unlimited data and tracker blocking, ridding your browsing experience of pesky ads and providing you with a seamless browsing experience. Not nearly as many as ExpressVPN’s 1500 servers in 95 countries. SurfEasy didn’t show leaks in any of the six tests:

    The problem is that SurfEasy’s apps lack such an important extra feature as a kill switch. In the VPN industry, you must provide a VPN service that is reasonable in all departments and fantastic in others. The best vpn service in 2020, 75 p/m Overview People on the lookout for a reliable and affordable VPN service, are well advised to check out NordVPN. Top 5 vpn providers for torrenting according to reddit. The jurisdiction is also not helping the case. The thing, though, is that they have been rather successful at it, too - every single day, there are fewer VPNs that offer users the ability to access the sought-after site.

    We did some research and discovered that SurfEasy’s desktop application works on OpenVPN, which is the most secure of various VPN protocols. Besides, there are two telephone numbers from the United Kingdom and the United States, and they are available every day from 9am to 5 pm. Kindly keep in mind that if you bought the software via the App Store, you will need to directly go to them to get a refund. This is much more than a number of other VPNs provide and is a certainly a standout feature of SurfEasy. Trending now, this action will take you straight to the free VPN interface. The customer support representatives can also be given access to more information about the service. To make sure you’ll get to use your favorite streaming platforms even after enabling SurfEasy, check out the following table. Of course, your mileage might vary depending on numerous factors, but here’s our experience with SurfEasy.

    SurfEasy allows the use of up to 5 devices to use a subscription at the same time.

    SurfEasy Pros & Cons

    There’s not even any city or regional choice, even in the US. No logs are maintained of this activity, however. Works fine on MacBook and windows. The speed was excellent on the server, and we faced no issue with the connection.

    SurfEasy Alternatives

    Alternatively, you can try it free of charge – and we’ll talk about this VPN’s free plan later in the article. Power users, lament! For instance, even amateur developers can hack PPTP in about three minutes or less. Similarly, if there are a lot of servers in the VPN network, the possibility of coming across traffic bottleneck because of high traffic density on a server reduces significantly. VPN Name SurfEasy Leak Test No Leaks Logging Policy Logs Speed Average Torrenting Torrenting & P2P Allowed Netflix Unblocks Netflix Jurisdiction Inside Five Eyes Servers/Countries 500/28 Max Connections 5 Kill Switch Does Not Have Kill Switch Anonymous Payment Methods Not Available Free Trial 500 MB Refunds 7 Days Customer Support Email, Phone Price Starting From $3. For both plans, there’s 5 connections allowed but no kill switch. Of course, what’s truly notable is that for such a low price, users get access to unlimited bandwidth, an ad-blocker, torrent protection, and support for up to 5 devices. Whats the best vpn for torrenting?, if not, uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze and others are all great options and they are simple to set up. The technology also does not track what web applications were ran or websites that were accessed.

    The first thing we notice about SurfEasy pertinent to privacy is that it is a “No Log network”. 88/year while Ultra Plan costs $6. The email ticketing system tends to provide detailed solutions for most complex queries. SurfEasy has a rather standard but just pricing structure. The only way SurfEasy VPN could have improved upon this process is if it was possible to know real-time traffic stats on any given server. Explore a secure, anonymous and unrestricted internet for free, from a Wi-Fi point of view, the VPN will add an additional line of defense when you are on unsecured networks. We tested everything from Tor, iOS devices, Android devices, Smart TV’s, Amazon Firestick, Mac, Windows, to routers: A good VPN service always allows the option of quitting the service if a particular user is not satisfied with the VPN service.

    IP and DNS Leak Tests: Leak-free

    Supports multiple platforms – Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, and also offers extension for Chrome and Opera browsers also. It is possible to leave an email and be regularly informed about all the changes that take place. Best amazon prime video vpn: unblock amazon prime from anywhere 2020. However, a lot found its system tray location annoying, since the system tray is already overcrowded and you can’t keep the window open or reposition it. The FAQs section provides in-depth guides and tutorials for setting up VPN on various devices. There were hardly any settings available, for example.

    • Regardless of the device you are using , the provider supports it.
    • File sharing and torrenting is allowed, but only on the Ultra plan, so please sign up to this plan if P2P is a concern.
    • Starter VPN – The starter VPN is completely free and provides protection for up to 5 devices.
    • It iterates this in its privacy policy, saying “SurfEasy is a No Log network, which means that SurfEasy does not store originating IP address.
    • I expected more from a product of such a reputed company as Symantec.
    • They were like Ninja’s and fixed the issues within minutes.
    • If you want the full package with SurfEasy VPN, you go for the Ultra VPN, and that does not come cheap.

    What is SurfEasy?

    Sadly, SurfEsy doesn’t come with this feature, like we noted earlier. The best vpn services for 2020, surfshark also offers three special modes designed for those who want to get around restrictions and more carefully hide their online footsteps. Most VPN companies obviously don’t support illegal activity under their service. Another disadvantage is the absence of P2P sharing.

    Doesn’t Work With Routers

    As mentioned before, live chat is the best option but we don’t live in a perfect world. If you have ever attempted to access Snapchat or Facebook in class only to be blocked by the firewall of your school or organization, then you will know how frustrating restrictions can be. If there was one feature we would like on SurfEasy, it would be a kill switch as some people leave VPNs running when not at their PC. Email requests do receive responses within the same day, which does give you a reliable option to use, though it isn't the timeliest. Most VPN service provider offers a ton of security features. The second option is similar to a free trial since it hardly takes an hour to use up 500 MB on the net. Access to 13 different regions which allows you to get identity of dozens of other countries.

    Upload speeds are well above average in South America, with just a 2% drop in speeds. SurfEasy does exclaim that, in an event of law enforcement requesting all of the information about its users, the company will comply and hand over “personal information and usage data”. As we can see, there’s not much to benefit from. I’m so frustrated with their terrible product, terrible customer service, and terrible technical support that I’m actually finding more joy in telling people how pathetic their company and product are than using one of the million actual entertainment apps available that actually do work and are competently supported.

    Speed and Reliability

    So, here’s how much you’ll need to pay for this plan. As the free trial comes with a bandwidth limitation, it also means that this extra detail must be taken into account as well. Contact, the second option is to use the Mullvad app. We stress tested SurfEasy to answer the questions that people want to know, like: The company seems to be focused on improving its country connections and server count rather than offering a bunch of added features and services. I think it is cool that turning off leaks protection is not optional, because these security leaks (such as DNS leaks, IPv6 leaks and WebRTC leaks) can effectively define your real location, and therefore should be on at all times. The fact that the client keeps crashing when the user tries to switch servers does not help the case as well. We were told that the information was classified, and they cannot share it with us. Still, we occasionally make exceptions to our rule about avoiding VPN providers based in 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, or 14 Eyes countries, though this is highly dependent on the provider’s logging policy.

    Surfeasy VPN Rating by SecureThoughts. From the price policy standpoint, SurfEasy is a Freemium VPN, that is, it includes both free and premium plans. It should be noted that collecting this kind of personal information is not peculiar to SurfEasy VPN; many other VPN services thread this path. SurfEasy delivers relatively expensive pricing plans for its subscribers. SurfEasy powers Opera’s free VPN built into its browser, as well as the free VPN apps for Android and iOS.

    In Censored Countries

    SurfEasy doesn’t have this feature (Arun from support didn’t know what it was, so no hopes of it being included in an update either). 99, making it one of the least affordable options among today’s popular VPN services. Also, other SurfEasy VPN reviews mention this, but there are far better VPNs that you could choose from. When compared to other top VPN providers that may only reduce speeds by 10% – 25%, 50% can seem significant and may be a pain point for some. However, areas like Asia only have a few countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan), and South America, the Middle East and Africa only 1 each.

    There is no harm in trying it right? If you’ve got a Mac, SurfEasy has one of the best user interfaces on the VPN market. Simple calculations show that at the average speed of 20 Mbps, 1 Gb of traffic is going to suffice for about 7 minutes. For iphone" href="">hi vpn - fast secure vpn proxy for iphone. All in all, SurfEasy is a great Russian VPN option available in the industry today. Overall we would recommend it in some cases and give it a rating of 3. There are a few options on the Home screen: Position of SurfEasy in our main categories: Here’s a quick look at their annual plan; the features are basically the same, you’re just going to save a whole lot of money paying upfront.

    Take a look at their pricing plans: SurfEasy provides their VPN clients with three membership options, each with their unique benefits. The lack of live support seems to be an unfortunate trend of many VPN services, but it still can add some frustration when you want to solve a problem quickly. What is the best vpn service? [march 2020]. Yes—Ultra customers only Business location: Upon seeing its nicely designed website, we were surprised to see such an outdated interface.

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