Ivacy VPN review, including tests, FAQ, pricing, servers list

    Many third-party guides are available for doing this on different platforms, including many hosted on this site. Dedicated IPs are not included in the basic plan, and cost an additional $1. Once you lose your VPN connection, the feature stops all your online activities. Not a problem! Notice that once the connection process has completed the location of the server pin is red and the button is green and now says “Disconnect”.

    However, you can’t choose a specific server and are automatically assigned a suitable one in your selected region. I, however, had done it several times before asking them and it didn’t help. It also has browser add-ons for Firefox and Chrome. The left panel for navigation shows three options: Check out our top list of Netflix VPNs to the best of the best. Only those in Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and Taiwan are not optimized for file sharing. No log policy, together with prompt customer support contribute further to its promising services.

    Ivacy doesn't offer a free plan or trial, but you are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee (or 7-days for monthly-billed accounts.) Just tap Contact Us in the website and fill the online form to send your query. Although many service providers claim that they keep no logs whatsoever, most of them are not telling the truth. And in my opinion, this is what makes users value a service. Servers are a mix of secure bare metal servers and insecure VPN instances. Several VPNs I have reviewed can even be installed on your router, in order to provide protection to all your connected devices. Trending now, you can either be impressed with the service, and continue with your plan, or you can get out for free. Everything we said so far might sound alarming. However, we didn’t encounter any of that throughout our testing.

    • Or, you can always send them an email or get in direct contact with an agent through the Live Chat.
    • This is what the Netflix speed test (fast.)
    • ​What’s the point if a VPN is very secure and protects your anonymity, but is too slow to work with, or stream without buffering?
    • The review score has not changed.
    • All loved their privacy policy, calling it excellent and strictly no-logs.
    • This time, Ivacy VPN performed better on the Mac with only a decrease of about 5% compared to 29% on the Windows computer.

    Ivacy VPN Cons

    Pricing for Ivacy is good at $40 per year, speeds are about average, the addition of security scanning for the download service is nice, and split tunneling is a handy service if you want to watch Netflix on Firefox but tunnel the rest of your internet traffic through the VPN. The reason why they are so good when performance and reliability are in question is that they use more than 270 servers around the world and have set up their system so that their customers never suffer any outages or downtimes. Okay, so we know how you can reach customer support if you need them— but how do users rate their customer experience with Ivacy VPN? Ivacy has slightly below average speeds overall, with poor downloads, and some good but inconsistent uploads and latency. 78 Mbps upload speeds. Some servers are indeed quite fast. The city-level choice are available in countries like Canada, UK, US, Australia and Canada. 10 best vpn apps for iphone, ipad and ios in 2020. Like all other VPN’s, they do retain some data which you can expect, this includes your name, means of payment, email address and any crash reports.

    • They do run limited-time sales from time to time so click on the coupon below to see if they have one currently.
    • However, Internet users, who surf the Internet with their VPN on, are familiar with these notions.
    • However, as for me, downloading VPN software is much easier.
    • Because online services are often iterative, gaining new features and performance improvements over time, this review is subject to change in order to accurately reflect the current state of the service.

    What Is a VPN?

    I encourage everyone to make their own decisions in this regard, and use the service they feel comfortable with. These days, many VPN providers (even big companies) tend to abuse the term “Zero-logs policy. Ivacy also includes servers specifically earmarked for Netflix streaming in different countries. It means that if Ivacy will hand your information to the government. You might be asking whether torrenting is illegal in your country. It is very easy to use. The idea is super simple. Ivacy can also help users bypass geo-restrictions on streaming services and their content.

    This clever idea lets you choose the VPN settings based on what your going to use the VPN for. Many VPN providers claim zero logging. This makes it possible to choose to only connect to bare metal servers.

    The only protocol option on Macs is IKEv1, known to be insecure, on it’s own. Plus, the 5 multi-login feature means users like me can connect with five different devices for complete freedom and convenience. No, if you use Android (Ivacy allows up to 5 simultaneous connections so it makes sense to consider safe use of mobile gadgets as well). Actually, all types of encryptions are hackable. However, the feather in the cap is that it's REALLY light on the pocket which means that I get more for less! Actually for safe torrenting, one should pay attention to the following VPN features:

    • In simulated tests using Wireshark, we could see that at no point was our real IP address exposed when the internet connection was disrupted, or when it was re-established and the VPN client reconnected.
    • Here’s how it all breaks down.
    • Almost forgot!
    • When a VPN is active, it creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a server controlled by the VPN provider.
    • Test out their service for yourself and see if it fits into your needs.
    • Ivacy actually upholds it’s advertised zero-logging policy, and they do it better than just about any other VPN that I have reviewed.
    • We saw excellent speeds from our closest UK server – almost matching our normal uncloaked connection speed.

    Performance & Features

    Ivacy VPN does not offer a free trial but they know that you would like to test the features and performance of their service for yourself before you decide to buy it. It is a common practice for the Internet Service providers to slow down the speeds of users in case they receive complaints of content being accessed illegally or if they want to prevent access to unsuitable, banned content. How to use nordvpn on windows, auto-connect on unsecured Wi-Fi – make the app connect to a server automatically when you connect to an unsecured wireless network. Using it, Ivacy client will scan your data that’s being downloaded and remove any suspicious malware before it can infect your device.

    Ivacy’s website no longer lists anyone from its management, but at one time it did list its CEO as “Mr. Third, it actually works! Then, IP masking makes it absolutely impossible for anyone to know what you are doing on the internet and from where. Gizmo's freeware, we never recommend a free VPN, especially when your primary reason for installing VPN software for Windows on your devices is to improve your security. Add-ons are available for multiple server locations around the world. Then we tested various Ivacy VPN servers across the globe. After you connect to Ivacy VPN on a public Wi-Fi network, you are also safe from losing your data to online hackers and theft. P2P torrenting is also possible with certain servers, but owing to increasing scrutiny, this area is constantly changing.

    How much is IvacyVPN? Is there a Free Trial?

    To help understand the difference better, here’s the difference between PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2 and OpenVPN. While the difference isn’t that drastic, we can vouch for the seamless online experience. As a prerequisite, make sure that you have proper internet connection and premium Ivacy VPN account. It costs $1 a month. The question is how much time is needed to crack them.

    Logging Policy & Censorship

    While the L2TP creates the tunnel itself, IPSec handles the encryption and channel security. I had no trouble using the selector tool to choose my protected apps. Ivacy offers a pile of advanced features for a seriously low price, but we also noticed significant issues with speed and the Windows client. Ivacy’s servers have their locations in diverse regions. Download keepsolid vpn unlimited, if this sounds too good to be true, you would be right. 33 for 1 year, which is probably the cheapest 1 year plan going.

    The page is very cluttered and totally unmanaged.

    The firewall adds an extra level of security without any new software because Ivacy deploys it from its own servers. TCP, UDP, L2TP, and IKEV. This option is used for torrenting and presents the choice of torrent-friendly locations. 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, otherwise known as 256-AES, is modern and widely-used, the industry standard. Each organization has different needs and needs a software that can be personalized for their size, kind of employees and customers, and the particular industry they are in. The service supports almost all the existing platforms:

    The only cause of concern is that Singapore is part of the Five Eyes Alliance. One even called them flawless. The absence of the trail period may be taken as a demerit but it helps keep the standards of the service high by setting a certain bar for entry. I’m always interested to hear what other enthusiasts have to say about the VPNs that I review!

    Refund Policy

    To cut to the chase, Ivacy VPN passes DNS leak tests, although I’m a bit surprised that this isn’t the default setting. You can use Ivacy VPN for Netflix US (but no other libraries) and many more media streaming services, including ESPN US, Spotify, Hulu, Sky, Amazon Prime US, and BBC iPlayer. The best vpns for college students, in case you’d like to learn more about this provider, we have a comprehensive ExpressVPN review for you to read. This includes changing protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP, choosing the closest server and turning off your firewall.

    So, what do you do? In theory, Ivacy offers an OpenELEC VPN add-on for Kodi. Ivacy has modern, excellent technology under the hood. When you connect, you’re actually connecting through their computer.

    Considering the wide range of functions, no logs, high speeds, multiplatform and affordable price, it leaves a positive impression and can be recommended for anyone searching a VPN service. You can send an email from within the app itself, and it will be treated as a support ticket. Here is a comprehensive review of Ivacy VPN and the features which make it stand out.

    Features And Services

    This VPN is a nice example of its kind – it protects user data, preserves anonymity and offers lots of extra features, e. There’s no adware of bundled software. Ivacy also refused to disclose this when we reached out to it. Here is a brief overview summary. A Chinese friend of mine first recommended it to me, saying Ivacy is one of the virtual private network services that actually work within the GFW (Great Firewall of China), enables her to Google search and stay connected to her Facebook while she's back in her country.

    It’s countries only though. In fact, Ivacy stands above its competition by offering native clients for platforms such as Blackberry and Kodi, which isn’t something that we see often. Ivacy has a well-known customer support base. We tested everything from Tor, iOS devices, Android devices, Smart TV’s, Amazon Firestick, Mac, Windows, to routers: What we liked most about the service: Ivacy VPN saves only your name, email address and payment method!

    Ivacy also offers an Internet Kill Switch, which is a critical feature missing from inexpensive VPNs. You can find anything you need. They have a lifetime deal going on right now so I was thinking. The security protocols mask your IP address giving you anonymity online. The only thing that is present is the 5 ways of launching the VPN. The same can be said of unblocking content or downloading content securely. The solution is to offer port forwarding, which opens selected ports in the NAT firewall to allow new incoming connections through. Surprisingly, 2 reviews said it wasn’t compatible with Tor though.

    Other security options include a strict no logs policy and IPv6 leak protection features.

    Customer Support

    Ivacy has done a pretty decent job of maintaining its zero-logging policy. Access to unlimited bandwidth (download and upload) usage and server switches. Best vpn for school in 2020, the next thing to do if you are regularly using public WiFi networks is to turn on your firewall (if it isn't already on). In fact, I have tested many Ivacy servers. Thankfully for Ivacy customers, this is an area that the company is focusing on, and it’s able to provide access to users in China through customized servers. Even if you don’t wish to download the VPN, you can take assistance to install it on: They can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store and Firefox browser Add-ons sites. Ivacy VPN software supports iOS, Android, Mac, and Desktop.

    We ran DNS and WebRTC leak tests using Ivacy’s Windows and macOS clients (we would love to also test for leaks in mobile apps, but for various technical reasons this is not possible at the present time). Configuring the VPN settings manually isn’t an easy task as it involves technical skills. Though, it’s better to opt for some alternatives in case you are going to use a VPN for streaming services. Technical support responds quickly (up to 5 minutes) and tries the best to help you solve user’s problem. Another feature that makes Ivacy attractive to consumers is its round-a-clock user support. Money-back guarantee is not as clear as with other VPNs, there is a catch; claim is only possible if you have stayed within one Gb of bandwidth.

    Finally, we have Unblocking, which is a service designed to get around corporate and national firewalls that might be preventing you from viewing certain content. Latest videos, try changing the connection to another port and/or protocol, you made need to cycle a few to find one that works best for you. I was glad to know that Ivacy neither store connection logs, bandwidths logs, duration logs nor monitor users’ online browsing activities. The file size for installation on Windows is 22 MB, the size of installed program is 88. Previously there were also some employees working in Pakistan. Ivacy’s commitment to zero-logging has been investigated and verified by several online reviewers in their complete analysis’ available online.

    Other Platforms

    Here are our conclusions made after reviewing Ivacy VPN. The only time potentially sensitive data is logged is if you’re using one of the company’s dedicated IP address, but most people won’t be because having one costs an extra $1. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a helpful, informative and unique review - either positive or negative. You can also stream other popular on-demand streaming services.

    Ivacy Refund Policy

    This is why a VPN has to provide support for all of these equally and Ivacy does exactly that. Ivacy wasn’t always a standalone VPN service. Download cloud vpn for pc in windows 10, i think this is the best VPN till now and today I’ll tell you how to download and install Cloud VPN for Pc. Paradoxically, I can’t really say that Ivacy’s claims are not true. Considering the importance of media streaming, we want to you let you know about Ivacy’s capabilities of unblocking the world’s most popular websites. Ivacy offers its designated app for Android as well as iOS. Otherwise, I won’t recommend using for privacy and security matters. When it comes to refunds, Ivacy does provide a 7-day money back guarantee on all plans.

    It didn’t work on the servers specifically dedicated to Netflix, but it did on some of the other U. Since online communications span across the world, IvacyVPN has entered into agreements with third parties who are duty-bound to protect your information. For these reasons, no software can offer perfect functionality off-the-shelf.

    Ivacy Money Back Guarantee

    Windows, Mac OS X, and Android users have an Internet kill switch for extra peace of mind. Then use torrents. In our Ivacy VPN review, we discovered that it is among the rare VPN providers to offer a range of features without exerting much load on your pocket.

    Cannot have previously claimed a refund.

    Well… Probably not.

    Ivacy VPN Review

    Ivacy VPN has servers in the following continents and countries: You will only get a refund if you have not applied for a refund before. Ivacy VPN does not save logs and it may calm you. Are you going to use your VPN with a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Opera? This feature is available with most VPNs, and it’s pretty much a standard feature that Ivacy VPN offers. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, for example, lives up to its name with an effectively life-long plan. They also said it’s maintained its no-logs reputation since its inception.

    Legal Issues

    Ivacy offers the following P2P optimized servers to choose from: Based on our location, we’ve picked a server in a neighboring country. It comes with OpenELEC compatibility and you can unblock the geo-restricted channels on Kodi with ease. Asia’s averages were:

    Good Customer Service

    Static IP (dedicated) is the feature that could provide access to closed networks. There’s surprisingly little information on Ivacy’s slick-looking website. We do our best to independently research products to better help our readers make decisions. It means that the app shows the VPN as not active but when you try to restart the app, a message shows that the VPN is on: If they offer high-quality services at a budget-friendly price (as Ivacy does) it’s typically safe to assume that they had to cut back on another area of their business in order to do so.

    You can also pay an additional $1.

    To run applications through the VPN once you have enabled split tunneling, you must launch them from here. No, Ivacy does not leak your DNS, WebRTC, or IP address. Now, this is sure sounds like 256-bit encryption to me! Ivacy VPN hides your IP address, which prevents these companies from messing with your internet connection.

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