This Portable VPN Hub Makes the Web Safer Everywhere

    It then will cost you a total of $60 per year once your premium subscription has expired. Keezel is another VPN provider claiming that it will be the best and most resilient VPN network without explaining what makes their network better, and how they plan to do so in the future. All in all, it can be said that you’d need to ask yourself whether if you’d make the most out of your Keezel VPN router. For post-purchase inquiries, please contact customer support. The most prominent of which is using a VPN, otherwise known as a Virtual Private Network.

    Well, that concludes our round-up of the Keezel VPN portable router! Inside you’ll find an 8000 mAh battery, with more than enough juice to last an entire day of traveling and internet usage. Accessing content that’s limited to your home country while away from home. However, if you only have one device that you use frequently, then it’s probably worth opting for a VPN subscription which uses an app.

    • 6/7 99+ $6.
    • But you will need to follow along with the user manual because the series of steps required to finish the setup must be taken in proper sequential order.
    • Single device owners are better off with a dedicated VPN app, as Keezel has a high setup cost compared with subscription-only services.
    • In 2020, the company developed the Keezel, the first device and service to bring top-notch online security and privacy to consumers on the go, across all devices.
    • Keezel eliminates these dangers by serving as an intermediary between your devices and the Wi-Fi, encrypting your data in the process using Virtual Private Networking.

    If you put Keezel’s new device in your pocket, you won’t have to make that sacrifice. It uses 256-bit encryption that is the industry’s best encryption standard. You can literally build your own encrypted tunnel using two Keezels. (Netflix), Keezel users have reported good results using something called Keezel 2 Keezel, which is when you leave one Keezel in a location that doesn't block VPNs and have the other one with you (in a place where you have trouble accessing websites and services) and use this second Keezel device to connect to the first one. 4Ghz and 5GHz. This is probably the result of new VPN detection systems rather than an issue on Keezel’s end, but it’s something to consider, since you can’t manually configure any VPN settings should you find an alternative provider that better suits your needs. This device also works as a power bank with 8,000 mAh battery and comes with 1 year life time warranty. A Web-Based GUI provides an user friendly interface that’s takes all of the pain of configurations and management and put it right into a few clicks occasionally.

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    Follow the instructions below to setup Keezel on your device: Once I connected to Keezel server, my internet speed only dropped to 27. I found on my Pixel that I had to use Chrome to go through the process because Firefox was having problems. In our Keezel VPN review, I could not find any transparency report detailing how many times the authorities have asked for users’ data. The integrated battery has saved my iPhone on a number of occasions, and while it doesn't charge quick it's definitely a nice touch.

    It’s a familiar process — turn on your Wi-Fi, connect to your Keezel, enter your password and you’re connected. But this consumes your mobile data. It has two plans:

    In contrast to the majority of VPN providers, Keezel Basic plan doesn’t last 1 month, 3 months or even 6 months. Threats of tracking, monitoring, and data theft have seen an increasing number of the general public head for the reassurance of a VPN provider, but managing multiple phones and computers can be a hassle. This provides one extra layer of security. However, we have previously raised money under Regulation CF, which has limits on the amount we may raise in any I 2-month period.

    • These are all softwares/extensions that don’t require a box in your backpack that work in any coffee shop or public Wi-Fi spaces.
    • The company also sells premium versions including access to its VPN service for a year ($129), two years ($169) or a lifetime subscription ($429).
    • VPN locations are available in every country, and for those that already subscribe to a service, you can enter that information as well and connect to your own VPN with Keezel.
    • And all it takes is one second to put your data at risk.
    • Being the first portable gadget that serves to encode users’ online activities by means of a 256-bit key, Keezel is known for secure access to WiFi hotspots.
    • Due to these facilities, Keezel is among top VPN services.

    What Unique Problems Does Keezel Router Solve?

    More companies are investing in cybersecurity. Urban vpn review 2020 – a free vpn for android that’s different! So being able to access either band means you’re in a great position to get signals when you’re not directly next to the router to which you’re connecting. Even on tricky networks with more restrictions, Keezel uses a special setting (TCP 443), different from the default UDP protocol. And if you pre-order Keezel’s $109 package now, the company will eliminate its $5 monthly subscription, which is already a pretty good deal, for the whole first year.

    Included with the Keezel is a rather nice cloth case. I set it up at home and was connected in no time. I’m testing another travel router that does have OpenVPN capability, that costs under $50. VPN routers are a super niche product that don’t need to exist. Keezel doesn't see what its customers are doing with their VPNs as it doesn't handle the data, while the VPN providers don't know who the users are, as Keezel only identifies them with anonymous tokens that it reshuffles every week. With the wrong set of circumstances, you could see that 20-hour lifespan start to creep closer to 16-hours.

    The streaming speed was good as well. In the digital age, the internet has become somewhat of a minefield – with the number of security threats increasing day by day. There’s a Micro USB port for charging the Keezel and a second USB Type-A port for powering up other devices, such as your smartphone. Best of all, the company seems to apply the concept of convenience not just in its product, but also in its pricing: To use it, all you have to do is turn it on, connect to Keezel’s Wi-Fi, and then you can change the country Keezel connects to, should you want to visit websites that aren’t accessible where you are. This means big companies can no longer see what you do online, track you and sell your data.

    • These router providers assure users that these boxes will not only be small but fast as well.
    • In either case, you get the full advantages of running a modern wireless network in the Keezel 2.
    • Setting up Keezel is relatively simple, and you can go from unsecured connection to safe browsing in a manner of minutes.
    • From there, your laptop, phone or tablet latches on to the secure network you've named.
    • You can accomplish the same things, with better performance, without the need of another box with software and browser extensions.
    • That makes it ideal for securing employee’s remote connections, especially when using personal devices.
    • I checked out Keezels' Indiegogo-funded prototype puck in a restaurant near the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, to see how it worked in the wild.

    Keezel’s Technical Features

    The setup instructions were easy to follow. However, I found Netflix and some other U. PureVPN, Le VPN and ProXPN. When it comes to price, you’ll find that there are multiple options at your disposal. With the Keezel, you can access any website wherever you may be in the world.

    Further, Keezel offers a 15-day money-back guarantee with full access to the service. Simply by connecting such devices through Keezel, they’ll have VPN protection. Just like the rest, Basic subscription protects 5+ devices but lacks global VPN locations.

    Keezel device is no doubt a bit expensive, but since you have to pay only one time for the device, then it makes it cheaper. And in the digital age, those risks aren’t only things like pickpocketing. 55 a month May 2020 400mhz 64mb/16mb 150 Mbps HideMyAss/VyprVPN 5.

    Product Information

    Keezel, on the other hand, protects your devices' communications with it from eavesdropping using WPA2. To make the most of it, you have to provide your own VPN. That’s long enough to get back home for a recharge.

    That puts a barrier of separation between yourself and a variety of threats.

    What Challenges Does Keezel Have?

    Another thing to keep I mind is that Keezel provides continuous software updates for their router. Any data that you send from your devices is sent to Keezel over an encrypted WiFi connection and heads off to the Internet inside a secure tunnel. I was also impressed with how easy it was to use it - even in a potentially tricky situation where I was connecting through a public wifi with one of those annoying pop-up logins which sometimes my computer can't even handle.

    About Us

    Keezel includes drivers for Apple's Ethernet adapter and its clones, and for all Huawei 4G modems, Muller said. They can track the apps you open, and websites you visit. 0 does a decent job at keeping those speeds up, as we’ll see in a moment. That might include a laptop, smartphone, Apple TV, Roku, and so forth. This is particularly useful for businesses which must adhere to guidelines about cybersecurity, under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Your Lists

    Since you can change your country of origin, you could still dodgily skirt country-based restrictions for streaming content from Netflix or YouTube (I’m looking at you Australia). Here is the result: I’ll report here when I have some results.

    However, Keezel Inc. For some reason there is no ability to setup your own private VPN via OpenVPN or similar. Besides, it offers multiple benefits beyond its original purpose. Rather than leave your entire home network at risk of some hacker finding your lightbulb and using it as a staging post for an attack, you could to use Keezel to isolate it from other devices on your home network, co-founder Friso Schmid said. You can connect your SmartTV, Chromecast, and even Xbox to Keezel for secure browsing and streaming. In the box, you’ll find the Keezel itself, which is rather nicely designed — it’s neither too bulky nor heavy.

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    Thankfully, using Keezel is pretty smooth once you’ve got it setup for the first time. But it measures around 4. Had my phones, iPads and desktop working off of the Keezel. If there is authentication, it's often only for billing purposes, and performed by a captive portal after the traffic has gone over the air in the clear. Keezel only has a Troubleshooting and FAQs page, I believe there is a lack of live chat support. You’ll have to charge the huge battery early in advance since it can take up to 7 hours charging if completely drained.

    With a sleek and discreet design, Keezel device is easy to set up and ensures all users enjoy the benefits of a VPN. What can eavesdroppers see? The device is a slippery half-egg shape, with a USB micro port and a single LED at one end, and a USB A port at the other. I purchased a hook up device for motels that only have the RJ45 internet connection. Big batteries tend to take a while to finish. And you’re able to access VPN servers from around the globe. That includes working remotely, traveling, and so on.

    This flagship product, a portable, VPN-powered WiFi encryption device, turned from idea into puck-shaped reality via an Indiegogo campaign that raised over $1M and created a community of 5000+ users before it was even in production. A VPN will supplement internet security packages nicely and will ensure that your data won’t end up in the wrong hands. Official openvpn connect app, it utilizes military encryptions and takes no log of your activities. Want to know what’s even more portable than a small little box? Because it has a 7000 mAH battery, it should last up to 10 hours of solid use, but it also has enough juice to recharge a phone a couple of times over.

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