SpyOFF VPN Review (2020): My Personal Experience

    It’s not the cheapest option in the market, but you can’t deny the quality of the VPN. This means SpyOFF is not liable to share user information with law enforcement agencies. The good news about SpyOFF is that you can connect as many devices as you like. While not impressive, SpyOFF’s compatibility should satisfy the needs of the majority of VPN users. However, a more intuitive, hands-off approach would be appreciated by many. Unblock geo-restricted content, you might be wondering why it isn’t higher on our list and it all comes down to the privacy policy. Security – Is SpyOFF VPN safe?

    You will also be able to see your virtual location in the ‘Your Location’ section, which shows a map overlay. However, at the moment it is wildly overpriced for what you get. Here are the results: On top of this they have a separate no-logs page explaining things in more simple terms, to save you having to trawl through the legal speak of the privacy policy. Spyoff VPN is still establishing their service and presumably, working out the issues according to priority. Your credit card should not be charged until the 15-day free trial period is completed. SpyOFF has a zero logs policy. It should be noted, however, that these things tend to change suddenly and often – you might have better luck.

    The page will then reload, and you would see on your screen that there’s a step-by-step guide to downloading and connecting to their services using an application.

    Their pricing plan is in two categories, free and premium. Since this is a no-logging discussion, let’s start with what the service does not collect or log. The consistent factor was the ping rate. A large number of servers not only gives the user a lot of options to choose from, but it also ensures less traffic on the individual servers. SpyOff has its VPN servers worldwide in around 40 countries having more than 1007 servers globally. There’s a button to get rid of this in settings, but this never worked for us, even after a reboot.

    There’s also a generous 30-day money-back guarantee with no exceptions. – means that your data speed is not throttled and there are no limits on the amount of data you can transmit. Did you know that facebook pays per month for installing its own pseudo-vpn? The service also offers unlimited simultaneous connections that should enable users to use it across as many devices as they wish. The support of Bitpay will remove such concerns, as it provides Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash payment processing services allowing you to make payment for the service anonymously. Nevertheless, the desktop client’s settings feature some important aspects worth highlighting such as the protocol choice being totally up to you between the three main ones, and the fact that you can also choose if you want to launch the app automatically. So only use it if you want speed and do not want too much security. Couple that with torrenting and a user-friendly app, and you’ve got the makings of a solid VPN. If it can fend off Russian hackers, it can protect your torrents with ease.

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    The name says it all, this is a service that keeps off every spy. Now, our research so far has shown that their apps are neat enough. Top 5 mobile vpns, it has 24/7 live chat support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. They keep the most basic information, like your full name, email address, and payment information.

    At present, they offer these pricing packages that include: IP & DNS leak test results: SpyOFF is compatible with major devices and platforms.

    A public Wi-Fi is a great thing. The best vpn services for 2020, 92/month 2 year plan:. No DNS leaks, IPv6 leaks or WebRTC leak were found. Within the settings menu, there are further options regarding connectivity, such as the ability to choose a specific server yourself or allow the application to pick for you.

    While they offer a 15-day free trial so you can try before you buy, you'll have to give them your payment information up front.

    Performance & Features

    Increased server locations have improved the speed, and torrenting/Netflix is possible. These are the account credentials and the VPN server to connect to. – will allow you to manually set your connection protocol. We attempted to download Martin Luther King, Jr. See the state of your current VPN connection at a glance. There's a decent-sized network of around 1,000 servers in 40 countries, for instance.

    • As we’ll see, having custom app has a lot of advantages.
    • SpyOFF offers three different plans with three different time lengths.
    • The support staff are professional and knowledgeable.
    • This will open the link to the Google Play store.
    • This is not uncommon in the VPN world.
    • Thus you can enjoy a more open and secure Internet from anywhere.


    Nothing special to do here — just run the. 1 Month 6 Months 16 Months (12 + 4 Free) Unlimited devices Unlimited devices Unlimited devices $12. The VPN or “Virtual Private Network” technology builds an encrypted link among different endpoints.

    • SpyOFF VPN also managed to pass the DNS leak test.
    • This includes your ISP, any user that is connected to the same public network, any website that wishes to track you, and any government agency that is a little interested in you.
    • With it, you can torrent, stream movies, unblock content in 40 countries, and protect yourself from hackers and cybercriminals.
    • The writer of this article is a user of the product(s) or service(s) mentioned in this article and was not influenced by the respective owners.

    SpyOFF VPN Specs & Offers

    It is not a member of any of the so-called “eyes” intelligence sharing networks. The service currently operates 395 servers in 21 world countries. One dark day in 2020, VPN users logged on and came face to face with a black screen of doom. And this is what would like to tell your children once you have them. SpyOFF VPN System Requirements: This was a slowdown of more than 70%.

    SpyoOff also provides VPN support for your router so that all the users of the same network experiences a more open and secure internet. Is each store a secure website? No PII or VPN activity is included in this data and it cannot be linked to an individual user. More importantly, the SpyOFF VPN contains multiple virtual servers located in different countries of the world, so you can connect the PC to anyone you want. Does each store ship internationally?


    The exact details of what type of data is involved here is really sketchy. Installing it to your device takes just a few taps. Server load lists within the SpyOFF clients reveal that most servers are generally 50%-75% full at most times. They can build a virtual tunnel to mask the user’s IP address and traffic from all kinds of agents or unwanted situations, effectively positioning themselves between the user and the broader network to manage connection requests and leave the Internet Service Provider out of the equation.

    This is accomplished by the custom apps it offers. – divides the country selection area in half and shows individual servers with ping times on the right-hand side. – is the default selection and switches your protocol to OpenVPN if it has been changed. The company has made it their number one mission to protect their customers from surveillance, censorship, ISP throttling, and government control.

    Windows Client

    WebRTC Leak Test: That said, the service has received 3. Today, it is essential to protect all your gadgets from prying eyes on the web.

    On the other hand, a service like PureVPN does not appear to have any of these issues.

    However they also have servers in Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Despite the categories on the left, the information is disorganised and confusing, and the information is terrible. You’ll even fare worse if you use the live chat (more on this later). In our modern digital age, people have access to a plethora of internet-enabled gadgets namely desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and even smart TVs. The best free vpns for 2020, it's a simple extension which only provides four locations — the US, Romania, Netherlands, and Germany — but it's a great start for a VPN service that also offers many useful features. OpenVPN Data encryption: There is an EXCLUSIVE offer for you if you purchase a plan for minimum 16 months at a time. Despite its claim of being the “fastest VPN alive” actual tests put well below its competitors.

    Whenever you connect the network to the remotely located virtual server, it encrypts the internet connection and allows you to surf the web privately.

    The Verdict

    The clients are all very simple to navigate, allowing for quick connections and instant access to secure internet. You can then work independently without fear of hacking and leakage of any information. What’s your experience with SpyOFF VPN? By this, your private data will never come out to be public. The results are clear:

    These choices refer to the protocols used, and apply to all servers in all countries. The best vpn for gaming, they even have a stealth mode (GhostBear) that will allow you access in places with heavy government censorship of VPN services. First up, let’s take a look at download speeds: The information which is logged, is mentioned on the website and the users can themselves check if any of their sensitive information is being collected. Tor works fine in conjunction with SpyOFF VPN. It provides a comprehensive list of tunneling protocols like PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN.

    Bottom Line:

    They don’t collect your IP address, browsing history, or anything else you need to worry about. This enhanced care is available for all operating systems supported, with the exception of Windows 10. There is a big power button you can’t miss, and all you have to do is click it, and you’ll be flying with VPN protection. There is constantly problems signing in and not possible to use the service most of the time. As for the protection WebRTC leak SpyOFF is not able to prevent this, but there are corresponding browser plugins, which you can use for it. Compared to larger VPN services, SpyOff is on the high end for their monthly and annual plan. This includes IP addresses, websites visited, data sent or DNS requests.

    Opt. Settings

    Loyalty programs : You may not know who is using the same connection. The service also has good customer support; we sincerely hope that you'll experience the best of customer support service when you give SpyOFF VPN a try. 20 per year – offering two extra features power users will appreciate. You’ll must likely find the L2TP/ IPSec protocol with 128-bit encryption. An important setting to note is the ‘Behavior when Connection is lost’ setting where one can either configure the VON to do nothing or turn on the Killswitch. Android & iOS Jurisdiction Hong Kong San Marino Logging Policy Zero Logs No Logs Customer Support Live Chat & Email Support FAQs, Knowledgebase & Email Trustpilot Score 4. Your anonymity is the prime concern.

    We ran SpyOFF through two speed tests, and we decided to challenge them at their very best, using the “High Speed” option. Follow us, once the connection is established, open Netflix in a browser or app and start watching! SpyOff VPN offers all new subscribers a 30-day money back guarantee. 50 for the Premium Plus plan - also billed once per year - which includes Premium Support and "VPN tricks" (does not seems worth the extra money).

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